Acorda launches new campaign, website for Inbrija for Parkinson’s

'For the Fighters' touts benefits of approved therapy for off episodes

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A new campaign from Acorda Therapeutics encourages people with Parkinson’s disease to consider whether an on-demand treatment, such as its approved therapy Inbrija (levodopa inhalation powder), is right for them when faced with off episodes — periods of time when medication stops working and symptoms return.

The “For the Fighters” campaign, launched in parallel with a new website for Inbrija, is based on direct feedback from Parkinson’s patients, and according to the company, honors the fighting spirit of the Parkinson’s community.

“Our message to our Parkinson’s community is ‘We see you, and we see fighters.’ We want this campaign to reflect the strength, the determination, and grit that people with Parkinson’s bring to their fight against this disease,” Kerry Clem, chief commercial officer at Acorda, said in a company press release.

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New Inbrija campaign, website follow commercial launched in spring

The Acorda campaign features the stories of people with Parkinson’s who opted to start Inbrija as an on-demand treatment to lessen off episodes.

“I’ve lived with Parkinson’s for over 16 years, so this message really hits home for me,” said Jimmy Gaddis, one of Acorda’s Inbrija ambassadors, adding, “I’m determined to make every day, every moment, count, and to live a full life with my family and friends. I look for whatever tools or options will help me in this fight, whether it’s exercise, healthy eating, social activities, or on-demand treatment options.”

The new website and ad campaign follow the company’s launch, in spring, of an Inbrija commercial.

“We’ve heard from many people living with Parkinson’s, as well as their care partners, that when their symptoms return between doses of their regular medication it can cause them to avoid going out or making plans, and they may miss some of the important moments in their lives,” Clem said. “It’s important for people with Parkinson’s to have access to on-demand treatment options, such as Inbrija, to address these off periods when and where they occur.”

We’re proud to be able to bring an on-demand, rescue treatment to [people with Parkinson’s] to help address off periods.

Parkinson’s is caused by the death and dysfunction of cells in the brain responsible for making the signaling molecule dopamine.

Levodopa, a molecule that can be converted into dopamine, is the mainstay treatment for Parkinson’s motor symptoms. It works to boost dopamine levels in the brain and is usually given in combination with carbidopa — which allows levodopa to be converted into dopamine only when it reaches the brain. However, using levodopa-based treatments for a long time can make the treatment less effective, causing off periods.

Inbrija is an inhaled formulation of levodopa that helps relieve Parkinson’s symptoms during off episodes. It delivers levodopa directly to the lungs, where it can easily enter the bloodstream and reach the brain to rapidly help stabilize symptoms during off episodes.

“We’re proud to be able to bring an on-demand, rescue treatment to [people with Parkinson’s] to help address off periods,” said Ron Cohen, MD, president and CEO at Acorda.

Along with these initiatives, the company also has updated its resources and educational programs, which are presented by leading Parkinson’s experts. Patients and caretakers can use them to learn more about off episodes and how Inbrija may help.

“We are redoubling our efforts to provide this community with education and support, so that people living with Parkinson’s can continue their fight,” Cohen said.