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Phase 1/2 Trial Supports Ketamine for Levodopa-induced Dyskinesia

New trial data suggest that low-dose ketamine — which does not induce anesthesia — may be a potential treatment for levodopa-induced dyskinesia, or involuntary movements, in Parkinson’s disease. “Ketamine was safe [and] well-tolerated with 100% of patients treated with ketamine demonstrating reduction in dyskinesias,” PharmaTher Holdings, the Canadian-based…

New Phase 3 Trial Data Back P2B001 as Therapy for Early Parkinson’s

New trial data suggest that the combination therapy P2B001 for early Parkinson’s disease may offer effective symptom control with significantly fewer side effects — notably, less daytime sleepiness — than available treatments. The therapy, being developed by the Israeli-based Pharma Two B, could potentially be a first-line,…

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