Parkinson’s and the ‘D’ word

Many people refuse to talk about it. Fewer want to admit they struggle with it. Many are embarrassed by it. All would choose to live without it. It’s the “D” word: Depression. On my first visit to see my neurologist several years ago, much to my surprise, I…

The Journey is a Great Adventure

It wasn’t irreverent. At least, I didn’t think so. He was just a middle-aged dad who appeared to be confined to a wheelchair. He was coming down the aisle of the church at a faster than “normal” speed for a Sunday morning worship service, and it was…

Support Groups: Are They for You?

People from all walks of life are being encouraged to join a support group. You know, like a support group for recently divorced couples, those with an alcohol addiction, or people who have chocolate meltdowns, anger management issues, depression, illnesses, an addiction to chocolate chip milkshakes, and…

Dealing with Strangers and ‘The Stare’

It’s bound to happen. You know, that dreaded moment when a stranger can’t stop looking at you because you can’t stop wiggling. If only you could sit down and put your hands under your behind. It’s likely no one would notice. But it doesn’t matter. You’ve been found out. You…

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