Sherri Woodbridge,  —

Sherri was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's disease over 15 years ago. She can be found working in her garden, going for walks, taking pictures, or reading books to her three favorite grandkids. Sherri is taking life somewhat slower, and perhaps with guarded steps, but she’s not giving in.

Articles by Sherri Woodbridge

We’re Here, Until Parkinson’s Isn’t

“You can help me or hinder me but you won’t stop me.” I read that quote somewhere this past week. You’ll have to forgive me, or should I say you’ll have to forgive my faulty Parkinson’s memory. It is the culprit that causes me to forget the things I…

Feeding Our Faith, Not Our Fears

Some days we might feel great. On those days, the physical part of us aligns with the mental part, and the mental part aligns with the emotional part, and everything feels great. But there are also days when things don’t align so well. We might wonder what changes from day…