Welcome to Parkinson’s Disease

I once heard a story about how we make plans for our lives, only to have them overturned. Kind of like planning to take a trip around the world and somehow you end up at the North Pole. This is my version of that story ……

Why You May Want to Consider Massage Therapy

When you’ve been blessed with the companionship of the Little Monster, as we so familiarly and unaffectionately call Parkinson’s disease, you may get tense and tight at the mere mention of PD. For some with Parkinson’s, perhaps you haven’t experienced much stiffness. Maybe no pain. Maybe lots. Whether…

Putting on My Pants

I had a shower this morning, then proceeded to get dressed. I pulled on the blue pants I wear when volunteering at the hospital once a week at an adult day care program. The participants have conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke recovery, and more.

Courage Wins Over Fear

Fear is real. Those who live with a chronic illness may deal with it on a daily basis. It robs you of the joy of in your journey, the thrill of tomorrow, the delight of your day. It steals your contentment, empties you of enjoying the now, replaces wonder with…

Do Parkinson’s Patients Lie? Can They?

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to lie. For me, I consider that a good thing. Now, I’m not saying I’ve never lied. If we’re honest, we’ve all lied. But consider what you are about to read, and then ask yourself, if you can…

2017 Gift List for People with Parkinson’s

In previous years, I have compiled a Christmas list for Parkinson’s patients. Some of the most popular items have been terry-cloth robes to dry off in when we just don’t have the strength or our balance is wavering. Also, satin pajamas make turning over in bed so…

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