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Steve holds a PhD in biochemistry from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, Canada. As a medical scientist for 18 years, he worked in both academia and industry, where his research focused on the discovery of new vaccines and medicines to treat inflammatory disorders and infectious diseases. Steve is a published author in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals and a patented inventor.

Articles by Steve Bryson

Antioxidant Urate Fails to Slow Early Disease Progression

The antioxidant urate failed to slow Parkinson’s disease progression in newly diagnosed patients over two years, according to data from a Phase 3 clinical trial. “While our study did not rule out a protective effect of urate in Parkinson’s, it clearly showed that increasing urate did not slow disease…

High Blood Pressure Linked to Parkinson’s in Han Chinese

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, almost doubles the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease in people of Han Chinese descent living in Singapore, a case-controlled study found. In contrast, a comparison of similar studies conducted in the U.S. and the U.K. found that hypertension was associated with a reduced risk…

Digital Technology Changing Parkinson’s Research, Clinical Care

Digital health technology, which spans phone apps to telemedicine, is advancing Parkinson’s disease research and clinical care, according to different review studies. “Digital health technology is an important and promising field that is beginning to make a real tangible impact on persons with [Parkinson’s disease],” Anat Mirelman, PhD, a…

Virtual Reality Video Games May Be Helpful Exercise Tool

Virtual reality video gaming was helpful and useable as an exercise tool, and demonstrated positive patient satisfaction with no adverse effects among four people with mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease, a case study reported. While previous studies have found limitations with using video games among “more fragile groups,” such…

Rodent Study Reveals Anti-inflammatory Effects of Mirapex

Mirapex (pramipexole), an approved medication to treat motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease, reduced levels of immune proteins in the brain that are associated with inflammation, a rat model study reveals. The study, “Effect of Pramipexole on Inflammatory Response in Central Nervous System of Parkinson’s Disease…

Top Patient Complaint About DBS Device: Ineffective Stimulation

Ineffective stimulation was the primary complaint among people with Parkinson’s disease who use a pacemaker-like device for deep brain stimulation (DBS), according to a 10-year analysis of a federal database that tracks reports of adverse events involving medical devices in the U.S. Battery-related problems, impedance issues, and infections…

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