RAZ Memory Cell Phone helps people with impaired speech

The device allows them to use their own voice and be fully understood

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The RAZ Memory Cell Phone will allow people with impaired speech, including those with Parkinson’s disease, to speak using their own voice during video phone calls and be fully understood.

The speech recognition technology was developed by Voiceitt, a voice AI and machine learning company, in partnership with RAZ Mobility. It also has the potential to help individuals with mild cognitive impairment, dementia, vision loss, speech disabilities due to stroke, and hand tremors, as well as seniors who prefer a simple experience.

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“The collaboration between Voiceitt and RAZ Mobility has the potential to help many who have Parkinson’s, experienced a stroke, or have other conditions that have impacted their speech,” Rick Robinson, vice president and general manager of the AgeTech Collaborative from AARP, said in a press release.

Voiceitt and RAZ Mobility actively participate in AARP’s AgeTech Collaborative and have benefited from its activities and support.

Parkinson’s disease is most notably characterized by its motor symptoms, including tremors, slowness of movement (bradykinesia), impaired balance, and muscle rigidity. People with the condition also may experience nonmotor symptoms, such as depression and anxiety, sleeping problems, fatigue, and cognitive impairment.

In addition, the neurodegenerative disorder can affect muscles in the face, mouth, and throat that are used to speak, which can worsen with disease progression. As a result, a patient may experience speech impairment, including speaking quietly, in a monotone pitch, trouble speaking clearly, slurring, mumbling, or speaking too quickly such that it sounds like stuttering.

Recent research has suggested that changes in the electrical activity of a certain brain region may play a role in these Parkinson’s-related speech difficulties.

Voiceitt’s application technology instantly converts problematic speech into clear and comprehensible language, with the goal of improving accessibility for individuals with non-standard speech patterns. Instead of relying on typing or symbol tapping to communicate over the phone, elderly adults and those with speech impediments can now use their natural voice and still be effectively understood.

RAZ Memory Cell Phone broadens access

RAZ Mobility anticipates that the phone will enhance an individual’s independence and overall well-being, providing increased access to education, employment, healthcare, and entertainment. Voiceitt also integrates with various software applications, including smart devices, voice assistants, telehealth platforms, and video conferencing tools.

The phone can be controlled by caregivers from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada via its remote management feature and RAZ Care app.

“The integration of this technology into the RAZ Memory Cell Phone will revolutionize the way people with speech disabilities communicate through telecommunications,” the company wrote in its release.