30 Days of PD: Daily Movement and Exercise Have Done My Body Good

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Lisa Murphy

Photo courtesy of Lisa Murphy

Day 8 of 30

This is Lisa Murphy’s story:

Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii!

I am Lisa Murphy and I was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s disease one week after my 49th birthday, on July 3, 2013. It started with a slight tremor in my right thumb but, within a few months, my entire right hand was shaking uncontrollably. After a second diagnosis — I may not have wanted to accept the first one! — I decided I would not take this sitting down!

I jumped right in with lots of research, nutrition books, and anything I could get my hands on to beat this. Slowing progression was my number one goal.

I am so lucky to be married to a very supportive man who loves me fiercely and backed all my choices. I was grateful that although I have four children, my youngest was 14 at the time and the other three had already left home.

I joined any and all things to do with Parkinson’s disease, like Pedaling For Parkinson’s, Dance For Parkinson’s, and a bunch of support groups. My favorite is Rock Steady Boxing — RSB.

We moved to Kauai to get away from the cold, so I could be in a warm climate and get lots of vitamin D and vitamin M — Movement. Exercise is the only thing that’s really proven to slow progression, and I believe that all the Smovey — an exercise program using a set of one-pound rings — and beach walking, hiking, HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, yoga, Qigong (a Chinese exercise technique), RSB, dancing, every daily movement, and a healthy gut diet have all done my body good!

I also went the holistic route and waited until 2021 to start on traditional Parkinson’s meds. Now I rely on Sinemet three times a day to allow me to continue to live a life of movement. I work hard to stay positive and live a life of gratitude. Living with Parkinson’s is challenging every day, but I count my blessings that I live in paradise — and for the love of my family and friends.

Never give up!

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