#MannequinChallenge: Everyday Life With Parkinson’s is a Challenge

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by Marta Ribeiro |

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Nowadays, outside-the-box content is something we see all the time on the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so many other social media platforms are always delivering new, viral trends that everyone in the world tends to follow–or almost everyone.

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One of the most recent trends is the Mannequin Challenge, a video challenge where all participants assume a still position, and have to stay put, just like a store mannequin. Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, you’ll find many people taking the challenge, which is exactly how we found this video. This video is extra special, and it caught our attention because of its final, heartbreaking message.

The Parkinsons NSW decided to do their own version of the Mannequin Challenge, featuring Parkinson’s patients, to show the world that not everyone can stand still, even for just a few seconds. The video was created to raise awareness of the daily challenges these patients face.

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