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Marta graduated from Universidade Fernando Pessoa in Porto with a degree in Communication Sciences and a Masters degree in New Communication Technologies. She has experience in social media, worked with several media channels, and has also worked as a freelance photographer and a graphic artist for almost 10 years.

Articles by Marta Ribeiro

7 Ways to Make Your Home Safer for Those Living With Parkinson’s

Being diagnosed with a complex and serious disease like Parkinson’s is never easy. Patients and caregivers immediately start considering what changes will be necessary in order to make day-to-day life easy and safe for the recently diagnosed. There are several things you can do to improve your daily routine while living with Parkinson’s. Many of these…

7 Ways to Self-Manage Your Parkinson’s Disease

We know that living with Parkinson’s disease can be difficult and the condition poses many challenges, however, there are ways to manage it that can help make everyday life more comfortable. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of seven ways to self-manage Parkinson’s disease based on information from…

6 Celebrities Who Lived With Parkinson’s Disease

There are many celebrities battling Parkinson’s disease. Living with the disease is difficult enough without worrying about your health deteriorating in the public eye. Let’s take a look at how these public figures have managed their disease in Hollywood. Muhammad Ali Ali was initially diagnosed in 1984, just three short years after he…

The Importance of Oral Health in Parkinson’s Disease

Oral health is essential for everyone, but people living with Parkinson’s disease need to pay particular attention to their mouth, teeth and gums to limit any problems. MORE: Three causes of psychosis in Parkinson’s disease According to the National Parkinsons Foundation, Parkinson’s disease can affect oral health in a number of…

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