Lifestyle Changes That Can Improve Quality of Life for Parkinson’s Patients

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In this video from Panorama Patient Network LLC, neurologist Susan Fox talks about some of the lifestyle changes people living with Parkinson’s disease can make to improve their quality of life.

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Fox begins by explaining that exercise is one of the most important things a person with Parkinson’s disease can do to improve their life. There isn’t any particular exercise that’s better for Parkinson’s patients, but she advises people pick something they enjoy so they’ll be more likely to do it regularly.

Diet is also something Fox recommends people living with the condition look into. Eating a healthy balanced diet and drinking lots of water will help patients avoid gastrointestinal issues often associated with Parkinson’s, such as constipation, and will help medication work to its full potential.

Sleep is the final issue Fox addresses. Getting regular quality sleep where you feel refreshed upon waking can help the brain produce dopamine. And if you feel fatigued during the day, having a short nap can help restore energy.

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