ConnectedLife, Ocean Protocol Team to Safely Share Patients’ Motor Symptom Data with Scientists and Doctors

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With the goal of advancing Parkinson’s disease (PD) diagnosis and therapy by securely and safely sharing patient-produced data, the healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) company ConnectedLife is partnering with the technology platform Ocean Protocol.

The collaboration marries the Internet of Things (IoT) — connected devices able to communicate with each other — with deep learning technology, a subset of machine learning whereby artificial neural networks learn from data. The result allows ConnectedLife, based in Singapore, to constantly gather motion data allowing it to objectively monitor patients’ motor symptoms.

Thousands of minutes of “free-living” motion data are being collected from patients in clinical trials with the National Neuroscience Institute in Singapore, as well as from investigation affiliates in Turkey and Germany. At length, the processed raw data becomes a predictive model to discern motor issues in PD.

Ocean Protocol technology works to ensure safe and secure data sharing. When it comes to patient data, research, and disorder management, privacy issues have often offset advances in IoT. Ocean Protocol states that its technology is able to address such concerns.

Collected high-resolution motion and biomedical data are shared through Ocean Protocol to help physicians prescribe optimal therapies and dosages. Machine learning is also expected to facilitate the development of diagnostic tools to detect disease in early states.

”We are enthusiastic about solving significant challenges in healthcare using AI,” Franz M.J. Pfister, MD, ConnectedLife’s chief medical officer, said in a press release. “But, health data is locked up and not being shared due to concerns around control, privacy and security. Removing these roadblocks can help billions of chronic disease patients through AI-enabled prevention, early diagnosis, and personalized treatment that ultimately improves patient outcomes and quality of life.”

Ocean Protocol co-founder Trent McConaghy said his company’s technology will ultimately permit algorithms and models to reach patient data, undergo training, and safely exit with no data exposure.

”With way more data, the accuracy of AI models can be significantly improved to solve real-world problems like decreasing the prevalence of chronic diseases through early diagnosis,” McConaghy said. “It’s a pleasure to work with ConnectedLife to make this a reality.”

ConnectedLife employs IoT sensors and deep learning technology to facilitate early diagnosis and monitoring of chronic diseases like Parkinson’s. Using blockchain technology, Ocean Protocol specializes in safely connecting data providers and consumers.

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