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      Having the right kind of shoes is really important when you have Parkinson’s. Some kinds of footwear – like flip flop sandals – can even be borderline dangerous.

      Footwear for people with Parkinson’s is the subject of a recent column by Jo Gambosi, which you can read here.

      What kind of footwear do you find to be the most comfortable and safe to wear? Are there any styles of shoe that you miss wearing? Do you have any footwear advice for newly diagnosed folks?

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      Marla Klein

      Would love to hear what has worked for people. Thanks

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      prefer slip on flats with support in the sole
      slip on crucial
      relatively snug fit helps with walking
      tied shoes a no, no
      wear socks only in snow
      my feet slip around in sneakers, makes my gait less confident

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      Louis Comitini


      I find that tightly tied running shoes (sneakers) to be the best.  I pay extra to get the better shoes to help my gait and comfort.  I find Azics comfy

      Louis from Montreal


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      I am still struggling to find out what works well for me now in the way of footwear. I really miss my floral doc marten boots. They are too heavy and I cannot cope with laces anymore.Floral doc marten boots

      Since becoming a PWP, I need something light, supportive and easy to get on and take off. Shoes are often such a struggle to get on that I will wear them all day – even to bed if I have a nap / rest.

      I personally also need something with a sense of fun. The serious shoes that the podiatrist sold me are often ignored. They make me sad even though they support my feet. I think that this is particularly important because I feel that I struggle with apathy and although I do not suffer from depression, there is definitely a lack of joy in my life. More things to make me smile are required in every aspect of my life – and I often used to use footwear to express my individuality and make myself smile.

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      Jim Brennan

      I’ve had good luck with Sketchers sneakers that have laces that are pre-tied.  No need to tie them just slip them on.  They also run true to size for me.  In inclement weather my hiking boots suffice.  Still need to tie them but at this point the loops are easy enough to manipulate.  Gave up dress shoes once I retired, why bother with them.

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      Barbara Ernest

      My wife could no longer tie her shoes and even some with Velcro straps were a struggle. I located some Kizik brand shoes she could slip into.

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      My husband typically wears sneakers, but was unable to tie them. We tried Kizik, which were very expensive, and he kept falling over trying to step into them. Sitting down to slip them on wasn’t good either.
      Next, we tried Velcro, which were really ugly and looked like sneakers for Herman Munster. They were also incredibly heavy, but were sturdy. They have been relegated for working in the garage and around the house.
      For two years, he has worn a pair of Nikes that are very comfortable, but I have to tie them for him. He complained that the laces were rounded and hard to manipulate. I couldn’t figure out what his problem was! So, they were workable, but kind of a pain.
      Then, last week, a doctor recommended he get new sneakers as the treads were getting smooth, which isn’t very safe. He chose a pair of Sketchers and while I was fussing with the papers inside the box, he put them on and TIED the laces. We were both floored! He said, “I like these laces! They’re flat!” I haven’t had to tie his laces since!
      Parkinson’s Disease never stops surprising us. If you can’t tie your shoes, try different laces! It may work for you too!

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        Great writing!

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      I have become a big fan of GeckoMan. These are solidly-made orthotic shoes in slip-on, lace-up, and slipper models, and they are very reasonably priced. I own several pairs in all forms. They help me maintain good posture, and they are great for my workouts and walking. Available on-line.

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      I have a narrow foot and wear New Balance 990V5 shoes that are available in 2A, B and other sizes. Top quality construction, fit properly.  Others athletic shoes I’ve tried don’t offer the stability and fit as these.  Cost a little more, made in USA and worth every penny.

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      You are completely right. However, everyone should choose each pair of shoes wisely. I have been practicing tennis for over 10 years, and one of my colleagues had Parkinson’s. Every month, I observed she was looking at a platform, and each month, they posted reviews of the best tennis shoes. Once I asked her why she pays so much attention to this detail, she explained to me how important it is. After that talk, I was more attentive to what shoes I was buying, and once I started to bet better shoes, I observed that my technique got better and better.

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