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      Mary Beth Skylis


      My dad has noticed that stress seems to worsen his Parkinson’s symptoms. Particularly bad days may contribute to worsened tremors or similar struggles. Many people use meditation and yoga to help to reduce cortisol levels. But how do you handle stress? Is there anything you’ve introduced into your life that helps?

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      Clive Varejes

      Yes, stress definitely does worsen the symptoms of PD, but you will find that it actually worsens the aspects of most “diseases” or even standard aspects of illness.

      I feel the problem is that stress can lead to depression which in turn leads to stress which in turn leads to depression, which in turn leads to…………….  you get the idea, and it ends up as a vicious circle.

      Different people have different comping methods/systems.

      I luckily live across the road from a beach, and find that if I walk along the promenade, sea sand, it does make me relax.

      I also cycle and listen to music, be it jazz, blues, classical also does help. But whatever helps you relax, even for a bit, does make a difference.

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      Clive Varejes

      Sorry different coping , not comping….

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      Beth T Browne

      I use to not get stressed out before Parkinson’s, unless it was a big issue I was dealing with.  Now, it does not take much to get my tremors going more and my anxiety sets in.  Had it this morning when I was over charged last month on something I ordered.  It was from a place I have order from many times.  Since Sept 22 I have sent 3 emails.  Cannot find a phone number.  It isn’t for much money, but every penny counts these days.  I talked w/my credit union.  There is only so much they can do without me blocking my card, and I don’t want to do that.  I found myself shaking a bit because it took me over an hour to get the credit union to do a call back.  First time they did a call back, they hung up when I said hello, and then I had to placed another call and waited an hour.  Crazy.  So, until it is resolved, I will probably get tremors again, and feeling anxity again.  I hate this.

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      I pray & try to put it in perspective. It’s only for a season, & God gives me the strength, patience & resources to get through it. That does not mean there are not some tears, usually in my prayers & to release stress.

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      Has he tried medical marijuana?  I recently got a medical marijuana card, and I’ve tried it a few times.  It calms the nervous system and I didn’t think about my PD or symptoms.  There are more “delivery systems” available with medical marijuana, such as tinctures, patches, etc. in addition to all the standards.  I tried seltzer water with 5mg cannabinoids/can, and I didn’t even drink the whole can (I poured some in a wine glass).  I probably had 2.5-3mg and it relaxed me without feeling particularly high.  Your dad may want to try that.

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      Diagnostico de doenca parkinsson há 8 anos.Durante este periodo, fui adquirindo c0nhecimentos e adpatando defesas de maneira a controlar melhor o meu tremor. Cheguei á conclusão que fazer jardinagem, mexer com as mãos na terra, colher frutos e vegetais etc, me deixa mais alegre, mais bem humurado. Devo dizer qu e há pouco mais de um ano, fui submetido a cirurgia cardiotoraxica e que mesmo asim, nunca me foi diagosticada depressão. Outro aspecto que me faz ser mais forte émo facto de viver sózinho, cozinho, passo  a ferro, limpo, quando tenho algum tempo disponivel,  ou estou cansado escrevo todos os dias e leio essencialmente jornais e revistas.Faco por ter o minimo tempo disponivel.Sempre ocupado.

      Translated via Google Translate: Parkinsson’s diagnosis 8 years ago. During this period, I was acquiring knowledge and adapting defenses in order to control melhor or meu tremor. Cheguei to conclusion that to make gardening, mexer eat more na terra, colher fruits and vegetables etc, it leaves me more cheerful, more bem humured. I must say that a little more than a year ago, I was subjected to cardiotoraxic surgery and, likewise, I was never diagnosed with depression. Another aspect that appears to me to be more forte émo facto de viver sózinho, cozinho, passo a ferro, clean, when I have some available time, or I am tired I hide every day and I read essentially journals and magazines.Faco for the minimum time available. Always busy.


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      At church I realized ‘His strength is made perfect in my weakness’. As much as possible I try and turn stress over to my higher power. If that does not work I keep trying. Fortunately I do not get tremors bad yet. For stress I like to exercise and play with my cats. This is a great question Mary Beth. One important way I handle stress is writing on these Sites. Blessings,Mike

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      Alan M

      Listening to classical music and folk music (Celtic) — and then trying to learn to play the Scottish smallpipes. Our pets help a wee bit as well. Then at times I go into a reading / movie watching binges.

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      AK Jones

      It is not for every one, I cuss like a former Marine ( which I am), however I do not swear or use GD. I can relax by taking a long hot shower, set in whirlpool, or listen to good music.


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      Exercise exercise and more, you guessed it, exercise!

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        Mary Beth Skylis

        Beata, I use exercise too. It always seems to stabilize me, no matter what’s going on outside!

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          I find stress now makes me really not able to cope, I never had any trouble with stressful situations before, I worked in the travel business which at times is manic. Since Parkinson’s any stressful is awful. I listen to music and walk on the treadmill, if i can take my mind of the situation I eventually calm down Denise

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          Alan M

          Denise, everything I’ve read about PD says “stress is toxic to PwP.”  To counter it, many ascribe to the notion “Exercise, exercise, exercise!” (akin to combating depression)  I just got a treadmill recently.  I should use it more.  In a former life I was a forester, so bung knees and lower back prevent me from overdoing things physically.

          I’ve been a therapist since then (going on 18 years now).  I struggle to not let my client’s stresses (trauma) adversely affect me.  At 66, my whanau won’t let me retire as I have teenagers still at home.  I guess we’ll see how well I can do at that, aye?  Cheers, Alan

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      Paul Hojuson

      The only way that I have found is to try to find that state of flow either reading, painting or listening to music–all activities I can do on my own. When stress occurs when I’m out in public and someone complains that I’m not walking fast enough or blocking the aisle, that’s a different story and I tend to freeze when walking. There is no real solution. I would like to fight back but a have a tendency to apologize for my disability and then just wait out the period.

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      Nancy Crockett

      I avoid known stressors like crowds and loud noises.  I’ve had generalized anxiety disorder since childhood.  If I get stressed I retreat to my computer and do jigsaw puzzles and listen to music.  So far Parkinson’s doesn’t get worse with stress but the accompanying depression does.

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