The 3 Little Words I Would Rather Not Hear

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by Sherri Woodbridge |

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Sherri Journeying Through

There are three words in the English language that many people with Parkinson’s disease would rather not hear.

Three little words. Three little words that can drive a person crazy. Three little words that can cause a person to feel desperate. Three little words that can destroy because they don’t fill the “I want to know” hole. Three little words that leave us wanting more. Needing more. Three little words that don’t get us anywhere.

I don’t know.

How long have I really had this disease?

I don’t know.

How did I get this disease? Pesticides? Genes?

I don’t know.

How long do I have to live with this disease?

I don’t know.

Will my children get this?

I don’t know.

Your doctor says it in terms of how a new treatment option will work for you. He’s optimistic. His optimism rubs off on you but when you ask him if it’s going to make a great difference in a positive way? He can’t be 100 percent sure. He doesn’t know.

You say it when family members first question your mortality. It’s all new to them because it’s all new to you, and you yearn for time to get acquainted with what you don’t know.

You live it. You breathe it. You feel it.

You don’t know.

You have an idea how things might go, but you’re not certain because everyone wears the coat of Parkinson’s so very differently. One person can have it three years without significant progression, and another only a year before there is a tremendous advancement in symptoms. One person responds as anyone might hope to the treatment prescribed by their doctor. Another gets no relief at all from the same therapy prescribed to them.


I don’t know.

In the “I don’t know” moments of life (and there will be more), isn’t it good to know that there is One who does know? That there is one who is sovereign and faithful to bring us through any moment, even if it’s filled with uncertainty? To know there is One who knows the beginning and the end and every little detail in between? One who has promised to never leave us or forsake us?

This I do know: He is faithful. Faithful to provide what we need when we need it — strength, wisdom, comfort, peace and more. Faithful to provide in our greatest moment of need, when we don’t have the answers to those three little words.

When we just don’t know, He does.


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Mary avatar


It was this day that we received the diagnoses of Parkinson's. My husband was always a strong man that could do anything he wanted...I had seen the change and when the temors began... My fear became a reality.
We don't know how it will progress but I do know who does. Thank you for reminding me that we aren't going through this alone.

Sherri Woodbridge avatar

Sherri Woodbridge

It is my pleasure, because reminding readers - reminds me...

David Lyons avatar

David Lyons

Thank you Sherri. In our worship, we often sing of God/Christ as our healer. I sing those words often through tears with a hand raised. I known He can, but will he? I know it's a possibility, but will it be my reality? Can I impact the lives of more people with or without Parkinson's. Only time will tell. What ever transpires for me,
He is still God, still on the throne and He still loves me.

Sherri Woodbridge avatar

Sherri Woodbridge

David — thank you for such an encouraging comment!


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