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      Mary Beth Skylis

      I recently read that the White House is hoping to launch an initiative that would develop another generation of Covid vaccines. This step could potentially help us to deal with variants more efficiently down the line. I’ve often wondered if getting a COVID shot or booster is going to become routine (like the flu shot). 

      Will you continue to get Covid boosters and vaccines if they come out? Why or why not?

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      Probably not. Got the first round of two shots. Got Covid anyway. Absolutely no way to prove the shots helped any. Now have the shots and the antibodies from having Covid. Once again, no way to prove that puts me in a better or worse position.  Too many obvious lies by people in power who said they were following the science and clearly were not.  What factual reason might I want to get another jab?

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        Terri D

        I will certainly take a new Covid vaccine/booster!! The better I’m covered the better I feel.
        Terri D

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          Thanks for replying, Terri. I have had 3 doses so far and I will probably get a 4th dose soon. I’m thinking it’s like the flu vaccine, which you need annually for it to be effective.

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          Terry F.

          I’m with you and Terri. I’ve had the initial two shots and two boosters. I’m anticipating the next booster will include additional coverage for the Omicron variant.

          I fully expect covid vaccinations to become like the yearly flu shots as this pandemic becomes more of an endemic.

          I am very fortunate to have two brilliant step-children who have doctorates in microbiology. Both tell me the same thing…this will be with us for a very long time.

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      Mary Beth,

      I have gotten all the shots. I still got the virus but we believe it was more mild than it would have been otherwise.

      I will get the next shot the CDC recommends

      for sure. I remember that the virus is not political. Very good question because we will all have that choice soon enough.




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        Mary Beth Skylis


        My dad is in the same boat. He has had several shots. He had covid earlier this year. And his version of it lasted twice as long as my mom’s (who had it at the same time). I think it probably prevented some more serious complications.

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      Tim Brindley

      Oh hell no !!!   I don’t like the follow the leader approach to getting the shots.

      I’ve never had any shots or boosters.

      I’ve had Covid and I believe like in the old days if you get and live thru it then your natural immune system will kick in.

      My immune system still works !!!


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        Mary Beth Skylis

        I definitely understand the skepticism, Tim. Thank you for sharing.

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      Kevin McGuinness

      I will definitely take any booster available to me.  I have not had covid and surely don’t want it in the future .  I get a flu shot every year and if there is a booster for the variants i will be the first in line.

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      Alicia Ten Eyck

      No, I don’t think so. I’m in the cynical camp: not sure the shots work, not sure it is true that having the shots makes your covid less severe. If there is a silver lining, it is that the pharmaceutical firms are flush these days, and the medical community that gets paid for each dose is doing fine

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      I believe the shots work and will definitely get the new shot which covers more strains when it comes out.

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      Like Tim and Bill – NO.  I’ve had two shots and a booster (have not had covid) but now believe the mRNA vaccines compromise the immune system.

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      Rick Tabakin

      I will continue to get boosters as they become available.  I think that the Covid vaccine will continue to be modified as new variants arise.


      Down the road, I envision an annual Flu/Covid vaccination.


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      Four shots so far and I guess more to come, possibly on an annual basis akin to flu shots.

      A Covid positive test was followed by feeling slightly below par for one day only but very prompt application of anti-virals probably helped.

      Over a third of all Australian Covid deaths are the unvaccinated but they are only 3% of the population.

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