Year of Birth

1950-07-16 00:00:00





Short Bio

I first noticed tremor symtoms in 2012 and saw a neurologist in 2013 who confirmed that I have Parkinsons. So far my only symtoms are tremor and slight stiffness in my right arm.  I am very active and exercise regulary including cardio, weights, stretching, mountain biking and dirt biking. I take 3 doses/day of Senemet, 1mg/day of Azilect, and 2.25 mg/day Mirapex.  The tremor has progressed slowly and is especially annoying as it affects my throttle control  on the dirt bike and street motorcycle.  I have read a lot of research and case studies on DBS, discussed with my neurologist and am seriously considering it.  I do have reservations about surgery in general and especially neurosurgery.  However, I am going to start the pre-surgery testing protocol soon and then make a decision.  I would like to hear from anyone who has had DBS