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      We cover a lot of new research on the website ParkinsonsNewsToday.com but I’m curious to know – what are some Parkinson’s research projects you’re most excited about? Why? Feel free to share links in the comments to news stories if you have them!

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      Alan abraham
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      fakhiuddin ahmed

      I want to have access to the studies underway, including stem cell transplantation, inducement of patients own stem cells to grow faster, invivo or exvivo, exchange of csf etc.


      f.ahmed md

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      Andrew L.

      Dopamine boost directly into brain via inactivated virus. Immune modulated response attacking harmful brain protein accumulation. Effects of light and sound therapy on brain. Not exactly excited (more interested) but trying to stay positive.

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      Andrew L.

      deleted coment

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      Bob Hodgson
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      Andrew L.

      Thanks for sharing that Bob! Plan to  get another scientific opinion on this…

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      Charles H Levin

      I was also going to post about the UCSD study (posted above by Bob Hodgson) that popped up last week on numerous health news feeds … This does appear to be very exciting news in that the researchers accidentally got mice to regenerate dopamine-producing neuron cells … all the mice recovered from their PD symptoms which never came back for the duration of their lives … When you think about the science of Parkinson’s as we know it, this might be groundbreaking …

      I exchanged emails with the co-author, Dr. William Mobley. I asked how long before they can start clinical trials. He said “years.”

      I would love to hear from anyone who knows more about the research trial process, the different phases and the kinds of hurdles involved, financial and regulatory that are involved.

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      Andrew L.

      Was also very excited by the study, but “years” is a bit depressing. I guess there are different stages of clinical trials, and it has to go through at least 4 before being approved.Maybe they can fast track it….

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      Michael R. Scott


      Thanks for bringing this new study.

      I’d read it and was going to post it here, but you beat me to it!… This could be a really BIG deal!… 🙂

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      Bill Church

      Good morning all….I have recently joined this forum and would like to make a general comment about PD research.  I have been studying and teaching about the chemical causes of PD for over 30 years.  It breaks my heart to read posts like the above where patients get their hopes up when new dopamine replacement research is published.  Please review these types of studies with one very important caveat:  The animal models used in these studies (the UCSD one cited above included) utilize an acute DA-depletion model – 6OHDA or MPTP – where the toxin that killed the DA cells initially is completely absent from the brain when the new cells are introduced (either into the Substantia nigra or the Striatum).  PD in humans is associated with a progressive, CHRONIC loss of dopamine cells, meaning that something has been killing these cells for many years (often decades).  The toxic environment responsible for contributing to the cell death still exists and if you put new DA-producing cells into this environment they will most likely die also….It’s like adding more logs to the firepit, the fire gets intense for a little bit, but the fire is still there and the logs will burn away.

Viewing 10 reply threads
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