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I was diagnosed four years ago at the age of 59. I have sought out alternative therapies and currently am taking 4 Sinemet tablets a day. I have exercised most of my life and love to run. Several months ago I changed my workout routine to incorporate running for 30 minutes or more 4-5 times per week. I have experienced a dramatic reduction in my symptoms. Rather than a degeneration I have experienced an improvement. When was the last time someone with PD has said they are getting better. I’m looking to meet like minded PD patients. I have struggled with the PD community since my experience with fellow patients is that they are victimized by the diagnosis. I am fighting back!

The brain is amazing and one affected by PD rarely tells me the truth. It wants me to give in to the disease and often tells me that I can’t do something. IT LIES! I can do many things now in comparison to early in my diagnosis when I listened to the messages from my brain and limited myself. Recently I spent four days hiking around Yosemite with my kids with hikes ranging from 6-8 miles per day. The result of those hikes was little to no PD symptoms.

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Four years

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