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Marisa holds a Master of Science in cellular and molecular pathology from the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied novel genetic drivers of ovarian cancer. Her areas of expertise include cancer biology, immunology, and genetics, and she has worked as a science writing and communications intern for the Genetics Society of America.

Articles by Marisa Wexler

FDA Supports Cala Trio as Potential Therapy for Action Tremors in Hands

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has named  Cala Trio a breakthrough device as a potential wrist-worn treatment of action tremors in the hands of adults with Parkinson’s disease. This designation is given to medical devices with the potential to more effectively treat diseases that are life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating. It…

Neurons in Cell Cultures Form Complicated Networks, Study Shows

Rodent neurons (nerve cells) in cell cultures form complex interaction networks that seem designed to maximize information processing, but are distinct from many well-understood mathematical models, new research suggests. Understanding how these networks form and interact within the brain could have applications in understanding neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and…

Discovery of Key Feature of Alpha-synuclein May Lead to New Treatment Strategies for Parkinson’s

Targeting certain regions of the alpha-synuclein protein could be a viable therapeutic strategy for Parkinson’s disease, a study suggests. The study, “Two C-terminal sequence variations determine differential neurotoxicity between human and mouse α-synuclein,” was published in the journal Molecular Neurodegeneration. Parkinson’s disease is characterized by…

AXO-Lenti-PD Gene Therapy Showing Benefits in 2nd SUNRISE-PD Group

The investigational gene therapy AXO-Lenti-PD continues to be well-tolerated and to ease disease symptoms in people with Parkinson’s, new SUNRISE-PD trial data covering a second and higher dose patient group indicate. Parkinson’s disease is characterized by a gradual loss of the neurons in the brain that make dopamine, a neurotransmitter involved…

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