30 Days of PD: Cycling With Hope, Optimism, and Parkinson’s

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Day 22 of 30

This is John Alexander’s story:

Twelve years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  Early on, I heard about the importance of exercise in controlling disease progression. Exercise was considered as important as taking medication. One of my favorite activities over the years had been cycling, so I began to consider that as my “go to” form of exercise.

I found a two-wheel bike from a company called Electra. Their “Townie” model was comfy to ride with a beach cruiser feel and designed to allow me to put my foot flat on the ground when I stopped. This bike became my “riding buddy.”

I took a ride on a local trail and ended up crashing into a guardrail on small bridge over a stream. This had nothing to do with Parkinson’s, it was simply “operator error”: I had approached the bridge too quickly. I decided that I needed to brush up my cycling skills, and  enrolled in a two-day class called “Cycling Savvy.” There, I learned how to properly operate my bike under just about any condition, giving me the skills and confidence to ride anywhere safely. I also began riding with a group.

Group riding allowed me to practice the techniques I had learned and to socialize with some great people. I heard talk about charity rides to raise money for a good cause, with distances ranging from 10 to 100 miles a day.

Someone mentioned an upcoming “Ride With Larry” — Larry Smith, who had lived with Parkinson’s for 20 years. He was planning to ride 300 miles across his home state of South Dakota. When I learned that could take part in just its last day (65 miles), my son and I signed up and had the thrill of crossing the finish line with Larry.

By this time, I had ridden over 500 miles between group and shorter training rides on local trails. So, I set a goal of riding 1,000 miles in one year — achieving it exactly one year after graduating from my Cycling Savvy class. I wrote a book about this adventure, “The Journey Begins With 1,000 Miles – Thriving  With Parkinson’s Disease Through Hope, Optimism, and Perseverance.”

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