EVER Pharma Expands European Market for D-mine Pump for Delivering Parkinson’s Therapy

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by Patricia Inácio, PhD |

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D-mine Pump, a portable micro-infusion pump designed to continuously deliver apomorphine under the skin (subcutaneously) to patients with Parkinson’s disease, has received the European CE approval and now will be marketed in several European countries.

CE means “European Conformity,” a certification mark that indicates conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

The D-mine pump, according to a press release from its developer EVER Pharma, is safe and easy to handle, which is especially important given Parkinson’s patients increased difficulty in coordinating movement. The pump is compact, has minimal buttons, a simple screen interface and multiple languages.

A full day’s treatment can be set up just once a day. Moreover, the pump has automatic filling, and does not require complicated flow rate calculations. This prevents patients from having to adhere to strict timetables in their daily life.

Apomorphine is used by injection to treat loss of body movement control in patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease between doses of levodopa treatment. It has the same effect as dopamine, a naturally occurring chemical messenger found in the brain. Low levels of dopamine are associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Continuous administration of apomorphine may be required for patients who need multiple and frequent injections, or for those patients whose disease is not sufficiently controlled by intermittent injections. Furthermore, continuous infusion of a medicine is fast and efficient, and provides consistent control.

“CE approval of the D-mine Pump and the launch, is an important milestone for our product portfolio in Parkinson´s disease. EVER Pharma is now able to deliver an enhanced and comprehensive package of care with its Parkinson´s disease medication Apomorphine and its own Medical Devices”, said Dominic Benning, head of dopaminergic therapy at EVER Pharma.

“With the development of the EVER Pharma D-mine Pump for Parkinson’s therapy, we have realized a very ambitious project with challenging requirements. This considerable investment in this product is a clear statement of the spirit of EVER Pharma to put focus on patients’ needs and support with customized solutions. EVER Pharma delivers a complete package with its Parkinson’s disease portfolio, from medication to means of administration with innovative Medical Devices,” added Georges Kahwati,  manager of EVER Pharma.

D-mine pump is part of EVER Pharma’s therapy package for Parkinson’s disease, which also includes D-mine Pen and Dacepton (apomorphine hydrochloride), EVER Pharma’s injectable therapy for motor fluctuations, or “off episodes”, in Parkinson’s patients.