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      Mary Beth Skylis

      The holidays are generally a very festive time. It can be a heart-warming time, that’s filled with good cheer. But there are plenty of challenges that come from this time of the year, too. What’s the most challenging part about the holidays for you?

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      Andy C

      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Being active enough to participate in all the festive fun activities and the anxiety of the nasty symptoms occurring is frequent bathroom breaks, dribbling and constant runny nose, and  speech problems  mainly.</p>

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      Alan M

      Happy holidays to you and your dad Mary Beth!

      My younger bro’ and I are the only surviving sibs from my dad’s family.  My mom is still with us however.  Her family are “dropping like flies”  lately, which brings the notion of our mortality to mind.

      The hardest thing to deal with is the difficulty to stay in-touch with FoO overseas.  My whanau lives in Canada and we reside in NZ.  My spouse’s mum is still with us but she has dementia (Stage 3/4) so she ofttimes lives “somewhere special”.

      It’s a big globe when you look at it.  Technology has shrunk it considerably, but to connect one-to-another is often challenging.

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        Fred Barnett

        Andy, those symptoms are exactly the same with me! Especially the bladder problems, I couldn’t go to the Christmas church service with the rest of the family because I have to go to the bathroom so often. I also have considerable difficulty eating in front of a lot of people.
        Fred Barnett

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      Ralf Müller

      I am happy when Christmas is over, because then the winter is not that long anymore and the mood will then go up again.
      Ich bin froh wenn Weihnachten vorbei ist, denn dann ist der Winter nicht mehr so lang und es geht dann mit der Stimmung wieder aufwärts.

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      I’m generally a happy person and when Christmas comes (my favorite) I used to love to decorate, get out and shop to the Christmas music, wrap and bake cookies. Now all that has changed. I haven’t decorated for Christmas in a big way since 2018 because of my PD.
      I miss how “up” I used to feel. It’s all a chore now; I get tired and out of breath quickly and I have many days my hands and/or my legs just don’t want to cooperate.
      I’m trying to get back in the spirit this year with the help of new meds and have found a few things I didn’t pack away to decorate with, bought a couple of pointsettas and display the Christmas cards I’ve received. I bought mostly gift cards and have managed to do some wrapping (very slowly)and… I’m going to TRY to make one batch of cookies… just to feel part of the seasonal joy.
      I look forward to 2022 with hopes of more positive progress in my health and wish all of you the same.
      God Bless,

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      The most challenging part of holidays is the big groups of people make it nearly impossible to be join in the conversation. Or at loud restaurants the wait staff are generally so gracious and wanting to get the order correct it is nearly impossible to communicate. The masking with Covid does not help with communication issues ether.

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      Fred Barnett

      The most challenging thing for me is trying to eat out, either with company at home or in a restaurant. My tremors make it hard to keep food on my fork or spoon. It’s embarrassing in either setting. It also takes me longer to eat than everyone else, so that’s a problem also.

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      The most challenging things for me are pushing myself beyond my tolerance resulting in different combinations of the following: fatigue, muscle contractures, horrific back pain, migraine, emotional melt down, lack of strength and dyskinesia. Just to name a few.?

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