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      Depending on your age/stage of life and how your Parkinson’s is progressing, you might be thinking about downsizing or moving to a more accessible home. Perhaps you live in a rural area and are considering moving to a town or city where you can be centrally located relative to your medical team, physiotherapist and other important amenities.

      Are you thinking about downsizing, moving or modifying your current home to make life with Parkinson’s easier? What are some of the factors you’re considering? Are you looking forwarding to making these changes, or dreading it?

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      My husband and I have thought about selling our 2 story home and building a single story open floor plan.  We started thinking about this early in my diagnosis (5 years ago) not really because of my Parkinson’s but because he realized he wanted a single story like I did but instead we bought our 2 story almost 11 years ago when we got married. Now that my Parkinson’s has progressed we have thought more about it, but I think I’m the only one thinking about it in terms of practical for the future and my Parkinson’s progression which I hope will slow down due to recent DBS surgery. I’m only 39…I have a 3 1/2 year old I want to enjoy and play with.

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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Hey Shannan,

      My Dad switched homes about 4-5 years ago, not long after he was diagnosed with Parkinsons. His current house has two stories, and up until recently, he spent a lot of time in the basement. I do think that having a simple layout would help him prevent freezing episodes. Today, he mostly sticks to the main floor. He still navigates stairs pretty well. But my brothers are carpenters and have considered adding a ramp to the back porch when it gets harder to navigate steps.

      What was your experience with DBS like? My Dad underwent it this Fall and has seen a number of great improvements. Hopefully we’ll discover a cure in the near future and you won’t have to worry too much about enjoying your kiddo.

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      Toni Shapiro

      Hi, this post is timely because my husband and I have been entertaining the thought of a move due to my condition.  I can’t drive anymore but I can slowly get on  a bus or train and it helps to make me feel somewhat independent.  We would like to live in an area where public transportation is more available and less of a problem than it is where we presently reside.  Also we have recently thought about our future with this disease and realize out of town family will be coming often to help out when necessary and we just have a small condo. We need more space to accommodate them or at least reconfigure things here for a murphy bed or bunks or something.  Moving is expensive and just the thought of it makes us stressed and stress is my worst enemy. Not sure what we will decide.

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      Don Harris

      My wife and I spent a lot of mainly enjoyable time maintaining and improving our large, intensive garden of about 1 hectare on some steeply sloping ground in the scenic Adelaide Hills.  Some little while after I was diagnosed with PD we decided to bite the bullet and downsize onto a more manageable property. This happened about 3 years ago but my symptoms have not noticeably changed since then to the extent that I have quit taking any medication.  If we had stayed I could have well managed but although we do miss our large garden we are no longer tied to it during the summer months when watering is necessary and there is not the concern about loss of the garden in a bushfire.  So my PD diagnosis is a cloud with a silver lining.

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      Mary Beth Skylis

      I’ve moved around alot over the last few years, and I do find the changes to be scary. Sometimes you have to get to know a new grocery store. We accumulate so much stuff while we’re in the same place. And having to go through your belongings to determine what should stay and what should go is really hard! As grateful as I am to have been able to shape my life as desired, change can be really hard.

      My parents down-sized 5 or 6 years ago. And it was actually unrelated to my Dad’s PD diagnosis. While they were purchasing their current home, they learned that one of the previous inhabitants also had PD. Dad likes to daydream about warmer weather (they’re in Michigan). But they’re both pretty confident that they want to stay put and find ways to accommodate his needs as they become more evident. Like they’ve talked about adding a ramp in the back yard. And he stays on the main floor, for the most part. I don’t know that there’s a simple answer to the moving question.

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