The Bright Side - a Column by Jamie Askari

Jamie is the managing director of Premier Health Advocates, LLC, a small medical advocacy organization in Cleveland, Ohio. Her husband was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s disease in 2009, before his 40th birthday. Jamie and her husband have three grown children: Lexy who is an attorney, Mandy who is completing her MBA and dietetic internship, and Jake who is an undergraduate student studying finance and neuroscience. She has named her column “The Bright Side” (actually, her husband named it!) because of the couple’s positive attitude regarding PD and everything in their life.

How a difficult diagnosis strengthened our family bonds

When my husband, Arman, was diagnosed in 2009 with early-onset Parkinson’s disease at the age of 38, it felt nearly impossible to find anything positive about our situation. At the time, we were parents of three young children, and Arman was busy building his career as a physician.

Exploring some helpful Parkinson’s resources available online

Besides my husband, Arman, we don’t have any friends or family members with Parkinson’s disease. However, we do have a relative, Rose Brown, who’s a social worker working solely with Parkinson’s patients. She’s the Parkinson’s program coordinator at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and the sister-in-law of one of my favorite…