Marisa Wexler, MS, senior science writer —

Marisa holds a Master of Science in cellular and molecular pathology from the University of Pittsburgh, where she studied novel genetic drivers of ovarian cancer. Her areas of expertise include cancer biology, immunology, and genetics, and she has worked as a science writing and communications intern for the Genetics Society of America.

Articles by Marisa Wexler

Microbleeding in the Brain Associated with Postural Instability, Gait Disturbance Subtype Of Parkinson’s, Study Shows

A Parkinson’s disease subtype characterized by postural instability and gait disturbance, usually referred to as PIGD, is associated with small amounts of bleeding in the brain, called cerebral microbleeds, a study reports. The study, “Cerebral Microbleeds are Associated with Postural Instability and Gait Disturbance Subtype in People with Parkinson’s Disease,” was…