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Parkinson’s Patients Carrying Distinct Genetic Polymorphisms Less likely to Experience Levodopa–induced Dyskinesia, Study Shows

Parkinson’s patients carrying two types of genetic polymorphisms — a gene that has more than one variant in a given population — in the dopamine transporter gene are less likely to suffer from involuntary muscle movements associated with levodopa therapy, a study shows. The study, “DAT gene polymorphisms (rs28363170, rs393795)…

Therapies Targeting LRRK2 Gene Could Benefit Broad Population of Parkinson’s Patients, Study Finds

The LRRK2 gene may play an important role in nonhereditary Parkinson’s disease, not just the familial form as previously thought, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine​ have discovered. “This discovery is extremely consequential for Parkinson’s disease because it suggests that therapies currently being developed for a small…

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