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Getting started in the morning is one of the most challenging parts of my day. The last dose of medicine is completely gone, and my body feels like an abandoned car. The structure and engine are there, but nothing is running. My body needs a jump-start.

For many of us, medication jump-starts the dopamine receptors in our Parkie brains. Carbidopa/levodopa kicks my body into gear. I follow this with some stretching to combat the rigidity and stiffness of the morning.

Keeping it real

As an exercise instructor with Parkinson’s, bloopers have become part of the day’s routine. The best bloopers occur when a boxing combination involves a cognitive challenge or multiple movements. I apologized repeatedly after my first official blooper because it was unprofessional.

However, others did not see it that way. To them, the blooper was real because I face some of the same challenges.

Together, we coax our bodies to move and execute punches. Eventually, we are moving in unison and our boxing combinations are coming together. We actually look somewhat coordinated. When we cool down, we are tired but recharged. Exercise provided another jump-start.

The daily routine of getting ready to face the day begins, but it has changed. It takes much more time. Putting on my makeup and doing my hair is still fun. But sometimes my hands don’t cooperate and I need a little help.

While the idea of shaving my head is entertaining, I don’t think it would be a good look for me. I have tried to look outside the box for some helpful gadgets. I have discovered a few, and others have shared their tips with me.

Following are some of the go-to gadgets — some for girls, some for guys, and some for both.

1. Electric toothbrush

The first gadget is the electric toothbrush, and it’s for everyone. I was not sure about it when my husband and I bought them as anniversary gifts for each other. Equipped with rapid-cleaning brushes and a timer indicating when to switch areas, the toothbrush takes a little time to adjust to. Parkinson’s affects everything — including teeth — and I am doing my best to take care of them.

2. Travel-size hair-styling tools

I discovered one of these by accident. I had forgotten both my straight iron and my curling iron on a trip. Grumbling, I set out to find one or the other; I was certainly not buying both. I was skeptical when I bought a travel combination iron. It was both a straight iron and a curling iron and was small, light, and easy to manipulate.

Since the travel iron was such a great discovery, I decided to try the travel-size blow-dryer, too. Both are wonderful. My hands and arms don’t get fatigued and I don’t get frustrated.

3. Electric razor

I asked Jimmy Choi – Fox Ninja if he had any gadgets to recommend. After all, a Ninja and a Parkinson’s warrior should have some guy gadgets. He shared two. The first is probably on every guy’s list: an electric razor. I’m sure it goes nicely with an electric toothbrush.

4. Shoehorn

Choi never leaves home without his second gadget, a shoehorn. The shoehorn allows you to pop off your shoe and pop it back on without the hassle of tying them each time.

So, there you have it — some go-to gadgets. They are beneficial for traveling but also for getting your day going!


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