Life, Lemons, and Lemonade – a Column by Lori DePorter

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When Lori discovered at 45 that she had young-onset Parkinson’s, she struggled with her diagnosis but decided to attack it with the same tenacity, passion, and care she brought to her career as an engineer, marriage, and motherhood (of 3 boys). Now, at 52, Lori is also a writer, a Rock Steady Boxing Coach, and a personal trainer pursuing her passion of empowering others with Parkinson’s. She hopes her column, “Life, Lemons & Lemonade,” exemplifies something she learned from dancing with her husband, Mike: ”It’s not important HOW you dance. It’s THAT you dance.”

Learning Is a Lifelong Process; Make Sure You Keep It Going

Parkinson’s disease changes many aspects of life, but it doesn’t control everything. Knowledge is power. If you have Parkinson’s, choose to keep learning. Educating yourself on the latest research, treatment options, and everything else about the disease is essential. However, pursuing other interests is equally important. Surround yourself…

Leaving a Research Study Can Be Hard, but Still Helpful

Research studies and clinical trials are crucial for the development of new treatment options for Parkinson’s disease, as well as finding a cure. Enrolling in them is a commitment by both the investigators and the participants. If you are considering applying for a clinical trial or research…

Starting the Day in Fear and Ending It With Hope

In a four-part audio series for Newman Catholic Campus Ministry called “Nothing to Fear,” the Rev. Mike Schmitz delves into several elements of fear: vulnerability, rejection, inadequacy, and the future. The series led me to ask, “How do we view fear?” I believe many people see fear as something…

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