Life, Lemons, and Lemonade – a Column by Lori DePorter

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When Lori discovered at 45 that she had young-onset Parkinson’s, she struggled with her diagnosis but decided to attack it with the same tenacity, passion, and care she brought to her career as an engineer, marriage, and motherhood (of 3 boys). Now, at 52, Lori is also a writer, a Rock Steady Boxing Coach, and a personal trainer pursuing her passion of empowering others with Parkinson’s. She hopes her column, “Life, Lemons & Lemonade,” exemplifies something she learned from dancing with her husband, Mike: ”It’s not important HOW you dance. It’s THAT you dance.”

Are You Protected With the Right Medical Alert Device?

The first thought that popped into my head when I realized August is Medical Alert Awareness Month was, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” While that famous line from commercials in the 1980s and early ’90s became part of pop culture, it also represented a serious concern that continues…

Contemplating a Career Change With Parkinson’s

Receiving a Parkinson’s diagnosis immediately prompts a cascade of questions encompassing all aspects of life, including career choices. This can be especially challenging with young-onset Parkinson’s disease. What will I look like? Will I be able to care for myself and my family? Should I keep my…

Finding Ways to Be at Peace

When I was newly diagnosed, one of my physicians asked me, “What brings you peace?” I don’t remember my answer, but I do remember that he told me to find something. Recently, while sitting outside on a beautiful day, I realized that finding peace is not as complicated as I’d…

How Parkinson’s Affects Family Relationships

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” – Michael J. Fox  “Love the people that have been given to you. … Love your family.” – Fr. Mike Schmitz There you have it. One quote from a celebrity and one from a Catholic priest. Both are short…

The Many Masks We Wear With Parkinson’s Disease

Who knew a year ago that our accessories would include face masks? We wear them to protect one another. For some of us with Parkinson’s disease, this mask protects us, but it hides another — the Parkinson’s mask. This mask is not an accessory. It’s a symptom that makes…

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