Is Blurred Vision an Early Symptom of Parkinson’s Disease?

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by Wendy Henderson |

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In this video from the Veterans Health Administration, army veteran W.D. Perdieu shares that that he recently began experiencing problems with his vision, and his neurologist Dr. George Gitchel further explains the symptom’s connection to Parkinson’s disease.

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A keen golfer, Perdieu first noticed something was wrong was when he was no longer able to see where he had hit the golf ball. Gitchel shares that in many Parkinson’s patients, when they fixate on an object, the eye continues to move instead of staying still and oscillates. This movement causes Parkinson’s disease patients to experience blurred vision.

Researchers think that this eye movement may begin to occur before some of the other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, which could prove useful in detecting the disease earlier in patients.

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