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      I have to urinate all morning, and have urgency when driving. Also constipation and multiple movements. Does anyone have this problem, and have you found any medications that control it?

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      Hey there Bob,


      There are alot of puns we could write forth on this thread, and honestly with the topic I’ll prolly say one on accident 🙂 Butt.. haha Well anyways this is truly one of the areas I have had a lot of trouble with….I was to the point of can I make the 15 minute drive to work? Can I go across town with confidence to meet some friends for a bit to eat…and can I have some stuff to drink or is that going to cause me to urinte more than I already do. Well that’s step one..the urgency, the need to go every 10 – 15 minutes…Then you get to the bathroom and spend like 5 minutes trying to go…and can’t… Now lets throw in the constipation. The constipation is another culprit for the unrinary frequency etc… When you’re constipated it’ll put pressure on the prostate and the saga continues on and on..gotta go, don’t have to go…. So after some not so fun procedures and several visits to the urologist we have found the “Can you live with this?” zone. so after some trial and time adjusting and making sure you tell your urologist how things really are (don’t hold back, you’re only battling yourself at that point) Here’s what has been working for me medication wise and it is common to be on both..

      Urinary Wise – Myrbetriq 1 – 50 mg Tab  Tamsulosin 0.4 mg Cap – Both once daily before I go to ed

      Constipation I’ll make this shorter- My issue I have is that I can’t go (It has gradually declining), I need too go, but I have no Push…So I have been working on diet and of course less Dairy and red meat…I grew up on those things – I have some here and there but if too much its like oh yah that’s why I don’t eat it several days in a row.

      Meds Wise – Depends on insurance here (Dumb, would say more but yah Dumb) – Trulance 3 mg tab once daily – I chose to make my “Habit” done in the mornings

      I did try another drug..was similar to Trulance (trial package) works in the same way and I liked it but I had to jump thru hoops and try this and that before they would ok it.

      If you have any questions feel free to ask. This had really taken more of a grasp on me than I thought..I still havanxiety on certain types of travel…..I never had any issues ever before.

      Good luck to you in your Journey,


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