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      Mary Beth Skylis

        One of my dad’s favorite exercise classes has been boxing. For a while, he boxed with Rock Steady Boxing. Now, his routine is a little more versatile. Do you like to box? If so, does it seem to help with Parkinson’s.

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          Rock Steady Boxing equals Pedaling for Parkinson’s in effectiveness. The program, while exhausting, is the best all-body exercise. When I started I could not fasten my bra or lift my arm over my head. Now, I not only pedal and box, I have enough flexibility to to floor and chair Yoga. Observe a class! You may think (as I did) .. “I can’t do that!” But you can. Try  it, you’ll like it. Barbara

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          Ray Birk

            I am now 75 years old and have gone to Rock Steady Boxing (boxing classes with the exercise routine only –no one to one competition–  that are dedicated to those with Parkinson’s) for about 4 years. I think it is amazing. The classes near me are about 10 to 20 people. There must be about 80 people total registered because we have classes on Mon thru Sat and several days have two offerings. A nice thing about it is everyone there has the same problem as you.  So if you  can’t do something or if you do not understand an instruction everyone is helpful and sympathic . I have never been in a group that has so much camaraderie.  The boxing routines can be confusing at first but everyone is on board afer 2 or 3 sessions. I do not consider myself an athlete by any measurement and I have found the classes to be fun and inspiring. Some of my best days have been days that included boxing. If you have a Rock Steady Boxing franchise near you, I strongly suggest you give a try. My sister who is 85 just joined  a group in her area and feels the same as I do.

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            Alfred Kramer

              I have been boxing for almost 4 years now and I have seen some great results from it. It seems to help with my Parkinson’s symptoms because it helps to keep my muscles strong and agile.

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              Simmon Belka

                Yes, I do like to box, and I think it can be very beneficial for Parkinson’s patients. Boxing helps to improve coordination and balance, which are two of the main issues affected by Parkinson’s Disease.

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                  Simmon Belka

                    Additionally, boxing requires you to use both sides of your body and can help with muscle strength and endurance. For my dad, the routine he has been doing has been a lot of fun and has helped to improve his overall fitness and well-being. And all his passion for boxing started when he showed me a review of boxing gloves, and he said he wanted to try. After ordering him the Everlast ones, he wanted to take him to boxing classes. 🙂

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                  Timothy Zeddies

                    Oh yes.  It’s the best. I do two multi-exercise classes (with some boxing moves) as well as a boxing-only class every week. It absolutely makes a strong positive difference. I started shortly after my diagnosis six years ago (at age 65); many are surprised at how well I move these days.  It’s also a thrill. Go find a gym ASAP!

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                    Karla Burkhart

                      Boxing has done more to keep me moving than any other activity. I box three times a week and really suffer when I’m unable to go. I have been boxing for almost 7 years. I also combine yoga with boxing because, unlike many people, I don’t have much trouble with tremors but I have a lot of trouble with stiffness.

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                      Judy Cimala

                        My husband wants to start the boxing but we do not have any such program near us. Are there programs on u tube?

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                          Gregg I Daniels

                            I don’t know about availability  on you.tube but I have a heavy bag and train at home.  Really gets your heart rate up and is great for alleviating any depression and aggression.  I also mountain bike, lift weights, dirt bike (most fun for those of us who crave speed) and use an elliptical machine (least favorite exercise).  Yoga stretches and balance exercises are also helpful. All have their benefits.  I am 72, 11 years with PD, and had DBS 2 years ago.

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                            Dave Goldman

                              The Rock Steady Boxing group here in Portland has been doing daily online (Zoom) classes ever since the pandemic started: https://rebelfitclub.com/

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