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      Mary Beth Skylis

      My dad was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis many years ago. And it was only in the past decade that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I’ve often thought that it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that he has two illnesses. Do you have multiple illnesses? If so, do you think they could be related to one another?

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      Marlene Donnelly

      I have multiple illnesses, some I feel are somewhat related to my PD and others not so.  I also have Fibromyalgia, and I think there can be a connection with these two conditions.  I am never sure which of the two causes the pain I experience; I’m assuming both contribute.  I also have a pacemaker because without it my heart rate dips too low, once stopping completely for enough  seconds to scare my cardiologist.  I think this can also be related to PD.  i have had asthma since I was a child, so I don’t see a connection there, and I have also had breast cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma), for which I don’t see a connection to PD.  In general I feel fortunate that even though I do have multiple illnesses, see many different doctors (happily I like them all!), and take 20 different medications, at least I can still live a fairly normal life (I am 74 and have PD for 11 years), with many very pleasant days, filled with friends, family, and activities that are both meaningful and fun.  I don’t focus on the tougher days but consider them the payment for all of the good still in my life.

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        Beth T Browne

        Unfortunately, I have many. I am a 28yr cancer survivor. Whooping Cough at age 2 did some damage to my lungs, and in the 80’s things started and have continued. I now have a partial collapsed lung, with an old bronchesitis mass on it. I have no idea how long it has been there. Now I have allergies very bad and often. I discovered back in 2012, I had esphogus motilaty. The meds they gave me then helped but they took it off the market in 2020 as they found cancer in it. Great. The medicine I am on now helps some but causes terrible belching. My leaky heart valve is not good, but not bad enough for surgery. My glaucoma got better after I had cataract surgery. Now with Parkinson’s, I am wondering how much longer I have and trying to stay positive. I have my first new great grandson in WA I want to see before I go. That’s a good reason.

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      Susan Watkins

      I have a Unspecified Connective Disorder which I take Plaquenil for when active and Raynauds disease as well as which I use Nitrobid ointment

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      Alan Berry
        Depression on and off has been part of my life since the 1980s. Medication continues.
        Rheumatoid arthritis for about 20 years. Medication on-going plus monthly blood tests.
        Lack of urinary control following removal of part of bladder during prostate cancer surgery in 2006.Type 2 diabetes for many years. Controlled by diet.
        High blood pressure and erratic heart beat following heart attack 3 years ago. Frequent changes of medication but not yet under control.
        Nerve damage in arms and legs. Diagnosed about 6 years ago. No cure.
        Apart from these I am almost perfect.
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      Charles Schiller

      Yes, I do. I’m, 78 and also have Diabetes, GERD, Afib, Coronary artery disease, Barrett’s esophagus, Celiac disease and high cholesterol. Luckily, all these ailments are treated with oral medications.

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      Debbie McDaniel

      I agree with all that has been written so far. No need to list my illnesses or medications. I just live everyday to the best that I can.

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      Rick M

      I won the lottery.

      I was diagnosed with PD in 2017.
      After the last two years wrestling with Idiopathic Neutropenia (low neutrophils with unknown cause) I was six months ago diagnosed with MDS which is a form of bone marrow cancer.
      Two months ago was diagnosed with breast cancer which is unrelated to my other cancer.

      Presently in chemo for MDS and in recovery from a Mastectomy on Monday while continuing with my Parkinson’s medications. Exploring getting a bone marrow transplant for my MDS.

      Sleeping much better this week with the pain meds combined with Clonazipam.:>)

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      I have essestial/familial tremor.  Had to retire at 62 and 3 years later had bad tremors and also dx with parkinson’s.

      PD was making me tired.  Both cause tremors and PD meds made me sick.  Had DBS and doing well.  ET people have a minimal increased chance of devoting PD.  No family history of PD.

      I take Rasagaline for PD and Propanolol for ET.  Rest on your bad days and enjoy the rest.


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        Beth T Browne

        Welcome Regina. Do not know what dx is. I do know about essential tremors. They thought I might have had that, but an MRI showed no Dopamine, and just Parkinson tremors. Could not handle the Leva/Dopa. Made me so sick I lost 5 pounds, and I am petite already. I am on Rytary, taking is in a small amount 4x a day. The new doctor started me 3x a day and recently added the 4th dose. I can’t tell it is doing anything. What does Rasagaline do? I still do most things, and am in my 3rd yr. Sleep is a problem. I try and stay on my feet, as the doctor would rather I not nap, but if I do, no longer then 30 min.

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        Beth T Browne

        Rick, no words for all you have and are going through except my heart goes out to you. I thought I had the most things going on-leaky heart valve, breast cancer survivor, esphogus motility, osteoarthritis, and now Parkinson’s. I survived cancer but my heart situation is not good but not bad enough for surgery. And, because of the heart, I can’t have surgery to correct the esphogus problem. And Parkinson’s, well only time will tell. I have tremors, sleep problems, and some anxiety. Balance is off but could be worse. The classes I took helped. I should not be complaining, as I have lived a long life at 84. My only desire is to meet my first and new GREAT grandson. He lives in WA and I am in CA. I have lung issues, and have pneumonia several times, so travel now is out of the question. My faith is keeping me going for now. And, I pray for all who are struggling with Parkinson’s. Exercise is helping me now more then the Rytary.

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      Dx is diagnosis.  Rasagaline is a MAO-B inhibitor which makes my body’s dopamine last longer

      Balance is a problem too.


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      Beth T Browne

      Thank you Regina.

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      I have COPD, high blood pressure, kidney stones, osteoarthritis, diabetes ( diagnosed 1 yr ago), lung issues (I’m never smoked). From my mid 20’s to 50’s I had chronic migraines (20-25 a month). Now I only have 2-3 a month & the abortive mes works well.

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      Beth T Browne

      Hi Leslie,

      Well, we have some things in common, and they aren’t good. I had Whooping cough when I was 2 that left some issues with my lungs, so I have COPD. I also have osteoarthritis. My fingers are bent. It is bad in my neck also. I am a 28 yr Brest cancer survivor. Grateful. I have esphogus motility which gives me eating problems. I lost 18” of my colon in 2009 not cancer. I have had high blood pressure since my 50’s which makes no sense being I am petite, never had a weight problem, and due to the Leva/Dopa, lost 5 pounds, so now down to 93. I am now trying Rytary. I also have glaucoma but fortunately, it is not bad. I am 84, but I still keep going. I have been alone since I was 39, so I have learned how to do somethings, as my two children left home right out of college. I now live about 20 min from my daughter, however, she teaches part-time, and has a husband, and lots of girlfriends, so I don’t see her much. My son is in WA as is one granddaughter who just had her first son, and my first great grandson. Wish you were closer. I think we would enjoy each other’s company. Blessings to you today. Beth

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      Michelle France

      Hi, wow we’re do I start. I am 56 Married I have 3 Children, 1 who sadly passed aged 17.
      I have fibromyalgia, bilateral foot drop, spinal stenosis. I had breast cancer last year and I also had a stroke, then sepsis. Shortly after my husband found me on the settee unconscious and not breathing and he had to give me cpr until the ambulance came. After my stroke I am fed by a nasal gastric tube and after my husband found me not breathing it was found I had acute sleep apnea and I have to use a cpap machine at night or I stop breathing 46 times an hour. I have a Speach impediment now and I have arthritis. I have just been diagnosed with PD so it’s all another learning curb for me. I am already in a wheelchair, but I keep smiling and I play para table tennis, although due to my new jitters I am having to change how I hold my bat at the moment. For me the hardest thing to deal with is the pain and the jitters.

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        Ola C. Zamora

        @Michelle France, I’m so sad to hear this. I appreciate your willpower; you are rising like a phoenix from your sorrows. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea three years ago. I remember how much it affected me. Using a CPAP machine brought back my confidence. Here you are suffering a lot. One of my cousins, paralyzed after an accident and diagnosed with the same symptoms and multiple illnesses, found relief through physiotherapy. So try this. I think it is challenging and painful in the beginning. However, there may be chances of a positive result. I hope for the best for you.

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