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      Mary Beth Skylis

      I’m a Colorado-based athlete, and I recently discovered CBD oil’s recovery benefits. As a rock climber, I occasionally suffer from tendinitis or general muscle soreness. I’ve been taking a CBD tincture for less than a week, and my current symptoms are nearly gone.

      While I was speaking to a local sales rep, he mentioned that regular use of a CBD tincture has dramatically impacted people with Parkinson’s. This information led me to wonder: Have any of you tried CBD oil? If so, in what form? And has it made a difference for you?

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      Andrew L.

      I have vaped it, used edibles, and sublingual tincture.
      At 20 mg I believe it reduces anxiety. 10 mg hit or miss with anxiety. Doesn’t really help with sleep.
      Most of what is sold in the dispensaries here in Florida is hybrid, one dispensary here has indica dominant. Actually don’t like the way the indica dominant CBD makes me feel. I have also tried it at 12.5:1 CBD:THC hybrid. Not much different. Like the edibles best (10 mg per gummy, onset a little longer.) Bottom line it is not a panacea (at least for me) , just another tool for the tool just. As an aside, I found that indica dominant THC tincture microdosed under tongue helps with sleep (2-6 drops). Unfortunately only lasts about 3 hours and feel it the next day (a little cognitive “foginess” in the AM.) Does not make me high at all.

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      Hector Yturralde

      Hello Mary Beth,

      WWP has been taking CBD oil tincture (200 mg) for several years.  She takes it sublingual and has helped with stiffness and soreness.  There is a CBD ointment that she applies to her sore muscles whenever she needs relief from pain.  Works great.  She also takes THC syrup at night (5 mg) for sleep.  She sleeps 7 to 9 hours.  When out with friends socializing, her nervous tremor is controlled with THC gummy, 5 mg.  Cannabis has been a blessing.  We get our CBD products online at  Great products at a reasonable price.

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      Becky Terrell

      I’m sorry, I don’t have any experience to share, but I am highly interested.  My Dad’s doctor told us to get CBD cream to rub on his hips and back.  But if internally would work better, I’m all for it.

      From what I have read, there seems to be validity to the relief of pain when taken internally, I just don’t know anyone who has used it.

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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Hey everyone,

      Thank you for your responses. I started wondering about sleep tinctures because I got a free sample. During one night, I took less than the recommended dose and slept through the whole night. And then on another occasion, I took a full dose and didn’t notice a significant impact on my sleep. There’s a lot of talk that says it’s hard to regulate each batch or company since it’s not federally legally. And maybe this is an example of that.

      Hector, I got my Mom a hemp cream for Christmas. She suffers from arthritis and did notice a difference after using the cream.

      I’m glad to hear that CBD products are helping with relief. I wonder if consistency plays a part in effectiveness?

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      Sheldon Massey

      I was diagnosed with PD some 4 years ago.  Having experience with hemp CBD products being used for a relatives Epilepsy and tremors I decided to try CBD.  I basically experimented with with MG dosages and settled on 1 ML of 500 mg twice a day under my tongue.  CBD has changed my life completely.  Most people with PD or without question me all the time if I really have it.  I have yet to try the THC version of CBD and doubt if I will.

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      Mary Beth Skylis


      I’m comforted to hear you’ve seen positive results. My Dad seems to have given up on the idea of CBD. But I’m not ready to let him quit. I think there’s something to this approach.

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      I used to smoke full-blown blunts of CBD hemp I really made me feel more alive and okay with what situation I was dealing with at the time.

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