The ‘love factor’ plays a profound role in Parkinson’s caregiving

Compassion and connection guide us through my father's health battles

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by Chukwuemeka Uchebuakor |

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Caring for my father, who is battling Parkinson’s disease, has been an emotional journey defined by the unwavering presence of love. In the face of this debilitating condition, every caregiving moment has become a testament to the profound impact of compassion and connection even as the symptoms persist.

Love, in its purest form, has been the guiding force through the challenges and uncertainties that Parkinson’s presents. Now that my father requires assistance with daily tasks that were once effortless, such as tying shoelaces or enjoying a steady stroll, the love we share becomes a bridge connecting us through the evolving landscape of his health. Each small triumph celebrates our shared determination and the emotional strength derived from our bond.

The love factor, however, has its challenges. It demands a selflessness that stretches beyond personal boundaries, testing the limits of emotional and physical endurance. Yet, it’s precisely through these challenges that the depth of love is revealed. The sacrifice willingly made, the sleepless nights spent ensuring comfort, and the continuous pursuit of better days define the essence of caregiving love.

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My love for my father was put to the test last August, when my younger brother called at about 8:20 p.m. to inform me of the rapidly deteriorating condition of my dad’s health. He was becoming unconscious. After a few minutes of consideration, I decided to visit him that night, believing strongly that my presence at his hospital bed could give him a gleam of hope.

The clock struck 8:30 p.m. in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and with a heavy heart, I embarked on the difficult and unrecommended journey toward Owerri, where my father lay in a hospital bed. The road, notorious for its solitude and the shadows cast by the dense forest that bridges the Imo and Rivers states, posed a daunting challenge. It is a route whispered in hushed tones for its association with violent crimes like armed robbery and kidnapping. Yet, driven by an urgency fueled by petrol and unyielding determination, I set forth alone.

As my car navigated the winding roads, I encountered multiple police checkpoints. The air thickened with tension as I explained my predicament to each officer, the urgency palpable in my voice. Surprisingly, they understood the gravity of my situation, allowing me to pass through the barriers they guarded. It was as if, in that moment, they recognized the love and desperation that compelled my solitary journey through the night.

The engine’s hum served as a constant companion, merging with the rhythmic beats of my anxious heart. Every kilometer covered was a step closer to my father. The petrol fueled the speed of my vehicle, but it was love, a potent force coursing through my veins, that propelled my determination. It was a love born from years of shared laughter, whispered secrets, and a bond that transcended the physical distance between us.

As the journey progressed, the forest enveloped me in its darkness, accentuating the solitude of the road. The whispers of the night carried tales of caution, urging me to be vigilant. Yet, within me, love for my father transformed fear into unwavering resolve. Each police checkpoint, though momentarily disrupting my journey, became a testament to the lengths I was willing to go to for the man who had shaped my world.

Finally, at 11:30 p.m., my headlights illuminated the hospital entrance in Owerri. I rushed to my father’s bedside, his physical frailty forming a stark contrast to the vibrant memories I held. His eyes, tired and burdened by illness, lit up as they met mine. At that moment, I knew that the love and bond we shared had reached him, infusing a flicker of hope into his weary spirit.

The night’s journey, fraught with risks and uncertainties, became a narrative of love’s triumph over fear. It was a testament to the level of stress I would bear, the dangers faced, and an unyielding determination ignited by love. As I sat by my father’s side, I realized that love, indeed, had the power to bridge the darkest roads and illuminate even the bleakest of hospital rooms.

“The Love Factor” is not just a title but a narrative that explores the heart of my caregiver experience with my father and his battle against Parkinson’s disease. It’s an acknowledgment of the emotional strength derived from love, the resilience it instills, and the transformative impact it has on caregivers and those facing health challenges. Through this column, I hope to shed light on love’s profound and enduring role in the intricate tapestry of caregiving.

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Lori Kerber

What a lovely description of all your different feelings in the face of your father’s illness.

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Jill Hammergren

This is a beautifully written article! As a caregiver of someone who has PD, I can relate to your journey with your father. Your articles and journey will also serve as a reminder to me to keep my heart open and enjoy the Love Journey through PD.


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