The ABCs of Parkinson’s Disease: The Letter B

Second in a series. Read part one. The letter B is for balance and Botox. Balance Many people with Parkinson’s experience walking or balance problems, which can occur in differing degrees. Gait problems can range from the disease slowing your speed, to a lessening of your…

I’m Not Giving In

In third grade, I learned to write cursive. I loved — no — adored my teacher, Mrs. Nigerian. She was short, petite, dark-haired, and so very kind. She even had me over after school a few times, and I helped her make a cake for her husband one…

When the Rain Falls and Hope Is Renewed

Today it is raining here in Oregon, the state where many believe it rains all the time. But you know what’s good about so much rain? Everything stays green. All year. Sometimes, I know, it can seem depressing (and it is for some). But not today. Today it’s…

Facing My Fear of Death with Hope

Necrophobia: The fear of death or dead things. Thanatophobia: The fear of dying. Everyone, at some point in their lives, thinks about death and gets a little nervous, if not downright scared. It may not be death that people fear so much as the prologue of suffering they…

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