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Dr. C is the familiar pseudonym for readers who visit “Possibilities with Parkinson’s.” The love of writing has spanned his careers as a research theoretician, brain rehabilitation clinician, and college professor. Dr. C was first diagnosed with early-stage Parkinson’s disease in 2014. His interest in how Parkinson’s disease can manifest itself in other body and mind symptoms has become a focused area for his research and writing. His goal is to share current medical research on how Parkinson’s can be diagnosed in early stages, and to help other early-stage Parkinson’s patients manage their disease process in a holistic healing approach.

My Self-management Toolkit Helps Me Steer Parkinson’s Disease

Neo, my friendly brain conversationalist who engages with Mrs. Dr. C, inquiries about the Parkinson’s disease (PD) self-management toolkit. “It seems overwhelming.” Mrs. Dr. C suggests, “Would a review of the ideas, one by one, help?” Neo nods and gets comfortable. “I’ve read all the columns, but I do…

Meditation Practice Helps Me to Self-manage Parkinson’s Disease

My battle with Parkinson’s disease (PD) is getting more difficult. I have more pain, more motor and nonmotor problems, and more difficulty processing emotions. The stages of Parkinson’s are defined by the Parkinson’s Foundation, yet everyone is different in how they progress and at what rate. I feel…

How to Manage Parkinson’s Disease: Lessons From My Cat

I admit it. We are cat people. Cats are more suitable companions for our lifestyle, particularly given the constraints of Parkinson’s disease (PD). Petie is my familiar, and Squeaker is Mrs. Dr. C’s snuggle pal. Relationships with cats are special, especially for anyone with a chronic illness like…

Finding the Workarounds to Help Manage Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a progressive illness. It’s continually changing the brain and body as we grow older. Along with changes from my Parkinson’s, my brain is also changing in response to its “owner’s” demands. I’ve proposed that it’s possible to use this natural neuroplasticity to slow the progression of…

Old Age or Parkinson’s? It Can Be Tough to Sort Out

“How can I tell if it’s Parkinson’s and not just me getting older?” This question was posed by an audience member during a presentation about Parkinson’s disease given at a local support group meeting. I’m not an expert on gerontology (the science of getting older). I was diagnosed at 65,…

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