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Dr. C is the familiar pseudonym for readers who visit “Possibilities with Parkinson’s.” The love of writing has spanned his careers as a research theoretician, brain rehabilitation clinician, and college professor. Dr. C was first diagnosed with early-stage Parkinson’s disease in 2014. His interest in how Parkinson’s disease can manifest itself in other body and mind symptoms has become a focused area for his research and writing. His goal is to share current medical research on how Parkinson’s can be diagnosed in early stages, and to help other early-stage Parkinson’s patients manage their disease process in a holistic healing approach.

Exploring Episodic Symptoms and the Flicker Effect

Previously, I wrote about the role of the second dopamine center in Parkinson’s disease (PD), which is to monitor homeostasis regulatory systems. Regulatory system malfunction is connected to PD due to insular cortex damage. In early-stage PD, this leads to episodic symptom presentation. At first, these regulatory systems…

Homeostasis and Parkinson’s: Understanding the 2nd Dopamine Center

In my book “Possibilities with Parkinson’s: A Fresh Look,” the insular cortex is described as the second dopamine center. Researchers surmise that the second dopamine center contributes to the nonmotor symptoms associated with the disease and its individualistic presentation. The second dopamine center is largely responsible for…

Individualized Presentation: A Hallmark of Parkinson’s

“If you have met a person with Parkinson’s, then you have seen just one patient with Parkinson’s.” I heard a medical doctor say this at a Parkinson’s disease (PD) support group meeting and presentation several years ago. After attending four different PD support groups, the truth of individualized presentation was…

Seeking What Is Possible: Start With the Impossible

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 64. That is close to the average age that most Parkinson’s patients are diagnosed. My goal has been to live to the age of 85, one year beyond the age of my grandfather. In my lineage, he held the record for years lived.

On Becoming a Parkinson’s Olympian

Of 331 million Americans, a total of 600 Olympic athletes from the U.S. competed at the Tokyo Games this year. That makes an Olympian contender a rare breed with extraordinary talents, a special set of attributes, and a dedication to their skills. Of those, a few will take home…

Confronting the Parkinson’s Thief and Nonmotor Seizures

The Parkinson’s thief has stolen something else: my enjoyment of video gaming. My writings are filled with uplifting possibilities, but the Parkinson’s thief strikes relentlessly. The loss of video gaming is gut-wrenching. Video games have been a tool for me, and I have been interviewed about the topic.

Let’s Open the Door to Creativity

Living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) has been a curse and a blessing. The curse is a progressive chronic illness, and the blessing is being able to write creatively about the experience in a way that helps others. Writing for Parkinson’s News Today provides worthiness, pleasure, and self-expression for me. It’s…

Vacationing With Parkinson’s: A Success Story

Taking a vacation when you have Parkinson’s disease (PD) is not simple. There is always anxiety about the disease making things go wrong. Mrs. Dr. C. and I were invited to a family wedding, and the six months’ notice greatly benefited us. Not only did we have time to…

Thinking of Parkinson’s Disease as a Brain Injury

My clinical training is in helping people recover from brain injury. After receiving my Parkinson’s disease (PD) diagnosis and reading that scientists believe the disease is linked to the destruction of dopamine-producing neurons, I began thinking of Parkinson’s as a brain injury. While working with brain injury patients, I’d…

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