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Somi graduated from Imperial College London in 2011 with a PhD in cellular and molecular immunology. She worked as a medical writer at several medical communications agencies in London, including Core Medica. Besides science writing, Somi works as a registered associate nutritionist, helping adults and children improve their diets to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Articles by Somi Igbene

Neuron23, QIAGEN Developing Test to Find Patients for LRRK2 Inhibitor

Neuron23 and QIAGEN have joined forces to develop a companion test to predict the response of patients to Neuron23’s experimental treatment for Parkinson’s disease, called NEU-723. “QIAGEN’s blood-based test will help to identify patients with Parkinson’s disease who are likely to respond to Neuron23’s LRRK2 inhibitor,” Nancy Stagliano,…

Pedaling for Parkinson’s Viewed Favorably by Patients in Study

People with Parkinson’s disease reported enjoying and benefiting physically and emotionally from a community cycling program — Pedaling for Parkinson’s (PFP) — viewing it favorably in a survey regardless of their age or disease symptoms and severity, a study of patients at five PFP sites reported. The aerobic program’s cost, access…

Scientists Develop Blood Test With Promise for Early Diagnosis

Scientists in Germany have developed the first highly sensitive test to detect altered alpha-synuclein proteins in blood samples from patients with Parkinson’s disease. The test accurately distinguishes people with Parkinson’s from those without the disease and has the potential to detect the disease early, before symptoms start, according to…

Levels of 2 Key Proteins Not Seen to Be Altered by REM Sleep Disorder

People with Parkinson’s disease and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder — marked by acting out dreams, sometimes violently — showed no significant differences in their levels of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha, an inflammatory protein, and orexin, a protective protein, relative to patients without this sleep disorder or people…

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