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Aisha Abdullah received a B.S. in biology from the University of Houston and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Weill Cornell Medical College, where she studied the role of microRNA in embryonic and early postnatal brain development. Since finishing graduate school, she has worked as a science communicator making science accessible to broad audiences.

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STAR Candidates Boost GCase in Cell, Animal Models

Gain Therapeutics‘ investigational compounds were able to lessen motor symptoms in a rat model of GBA1-associated Parkinson’s disease and also decrease the levels of alpha-synuclein accumulation in nerve cells — two hallmarks of the neurodegenerative disease. The two candidates — GT-02287 and GT-02329 — are…

Oral BIIB122/DNL151 Safely Lowers LRRK2 Activity in Phase 1 Trials

Treatment with investigational oral therapy BIIB122/DNL151 safely lowered the activity of disease biomarkers that reflect LRRK2 activity, a protein whose mutations are associated with Parkinson’s disease, according to results from two Phase 1 clinical studies. Plans are being put in place to advance the therapy into late-stage clinical testing…

PharmaTher Seeking Trial of Ketamine for Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia

PharmaTher is seeking regulatory approval to launch a clinical trial of the painkiller ketamine for levodopa-induced dyskinesia — the uncontrolled, involuntary movements that affect as many as 80% of Parkinson’s patients following treatment. The company, which focuses on the research and development of psychedelic pharmaceuticals, has submitted an…

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