30 Days of PD: Helping Those With Parkinson’s to Live and to Thrive

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Brittany Dunnum

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Day 2 of 30

This is Brittany Dunnum’s (@brittanyd_20) story:

Hey, friends! Brittany, soon-to-be speech therapist, here. As I’m about to begin my career as a speech language pathologist, I am reflecting upon some of the impactful life moments bringing me to this point. Particularly, my grandfather and his battle with Parkinson’s disease.

As a child, I had a particular view of my grandfather and his mannerisms. While I heard many stories of his hard-working days as a conventional farmer and a tough-love type of father to his six girls, this wasn’t the grandfather I came to know. To me, grandpa Rollie was a kind, soft-spoken man, sometimes speaking a bit too rushed, often moving about with a bit of a slumped and shuffled gait. To me, these attributes were simply just “grandpa being grandpa.”

Eventually, as my grandfather’s deficits became more apparent, I was made aware of his diagnosis. However, I still had little grasp of what it meant. It wasn’t until the year after his passing (caused by complications of Parkinson’s and suspected dementia) that I had more formal training about the disease in one of my introductory communicative disorders courses.

Learning that the characteristics I had formerly attributed as uniquely “grandpa” were shared across so many others with this disease filled me with a strange combination of sadness and optimism. While I was sad I never really knew my grandfather prior to his diagnosis, I was optimistic to learn of the advancing research within my field of interest to help other individuals and families like ours.

In many ways, pursuing speech-language pathology and specific treatment approaches for Parkinson’s has felt like a small way of honoring and paying tribute to my grandfather. Throughout my career, I look forward to providing services for individuals and families navigating their way through Parkinson’s. Through collaboration, continual research, and steadfast advocacy, I believe we can help those with the disease not only to live but to thrive.

Love you, grandpa!

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