30 Days of PD: There’s So Much More That I Have Yet To Accomplish

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Photo courtesy of Laura Imbimbo

Day 5 of 30

This is Laura Imbimbo’s story:

I had a wake-up call four and a half years ago that changed my life. It all began with micrographia, tiny cramped handwriting.

I’m an artistic person who loves to write, and always had big, loopy handwriting. When my handwriting became tiny and it physically hurt to write, I knew something was off. But I didn’t know what. A few months later, my right arm stopped swinging and I felt constant stiffness in my legs and back. I started researching some of the symptoms I was experiencing, and I met with a movement disorder specialist.

After some physical and cognitive testing, an MRI, and experiments with medication, I was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I was 51 at the time and a married mom of six.

It scared me at first and I was almost in disbelief. But pretty much from the beginning, I decided to embrace it, to adapt with it, and to make the best of it. I wanted to approach my Parkinson’s with positivity and make peace with it. While there are challenges, I have grown exponentially in many other ways. I feel inspired.

Since my diagnosis, I have started a blog, created graphic art designs, and cut files that I sell on Etsy. About a year and a half ago, I also taught myself how to dot paint Mandalas, something I was afraid to do because of my Parkinson’s and fear of unsteady painting. I am so glad I had the courage to try, because this has become a very meditative and therapeutic art form for me.

I follow my heart and I tell people what they mean to me. I put forth my best effort and keep on going because there is so much more I have yet to accomplish.

For now, Parkinson’s and I are trying to be friends, trying to coexist. I am blessed with amazing gains, insight, and inspiration every day. Yes, there are daily challenges as well, but I plan to continue embracing this life and keep doing my best for as long as I am able.

Life is a gift.

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