Parkinson’s Stories: Gregory Chandler


This Larry TV video is all about the charming Gregory Chandler from Montrose, Colorado.

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Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1982, Gregory hasn’t let the disease get in the way of his ability to enjoy life. He explains that he likes to keep fit and healthy by riding his custom-made recumbent tricycle around the premises of the San Juan Living Center, and playing the piano.

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  1. Ann says:

    There should be a CURE for Parkinsons after decades of research. There has only been Drugs (Poisons) because the research is always done by the GREEDY Pharmaceudicals. It is time to have ALL Independent Research and keep BIG PHARMA (Satan) out of the picture. We need a CURE Now, NOT more Drugs (Poisons)!!

  2. John Gartling says:

    I’m wondering why you’re running this story on Gregory Chandler again? I met Gregory and he certainly was an inspiration to everyone. However, did you know that Gregory passed away in March?

  3. marcia stone says:

    Lots of innovation comes out of “big pharma,” maybe prompted by greed, but what sane person would care if it gets us useful drugs. And who else has the manufacturing capability that can bring the new drugs to patients?

    I agree, there should be a cure, but prions were only recently been isolated as a cause of PD so now here is hope.

  4. Chandy, says:
    The history of Parkinsonism
    This article cites ancient India’s Ayurvedic texts describing a disease called Kamba Vatha which affects one’s ability to walk and weakens one’s whole musculoskeletal system and which can be revived for short periods of time by consuming the extracts of a pod from a tree (Mucuna Pruriens) which now has been shown to be a rich source of Levadopa! Why should we shy away always from crediting ancient medical practitioners of non-European origin?

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