10 Organizations That Support Parkinson’s Disease Patients and Their Families


If you’re struggling with Parkinson’s disease or know someone who is, it’s incredibly helpful to have a list of organizations that can support you or your loved one along the way. The following is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will prove to be a helpful resource.

1. National Parkinson’s Foundation helps patients actively enjoy life through expert care and treatment research.

2. American Parkinson’s Disease Association provides support, education, and research to help patients and caregivers live a fuller life.

3. Michael J. Fox Foundation is helping to raise money for much-needed research to help find a cure. From ways you can get involved to a great blog chock-full of Parkinson’s-related information, the foundation is a wonderful resource.

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4. Parkinson’s Disease Foundation provides information including news about the disease, information about upcoming events, insight into the latest research, and education about what to expect.

5. European Parkinson’s Disease Association advocates for the rights and needs of patients and their families.

6. The Davis Phinney Foundation is committed to supporting research programs that help deliver inspiration, information and tools that will enable people living with Parkinson’s to have more control in managing their disease.

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7. The Parkinson Alliance is the umbrella organization for the Parkinson’s Unity Walk which takes place every spring in New York City. They also sponsor Team Parkinson, a fundraising racing event. You can find current news and information about research projects on their site.

8. Partners in Parkinson’s has a program that connects patients and caregivers to an advocate who will listen and offer advice and support at no cost. This is just one of the services you can find through Partners in Parkinson’s.

9. Caring.com has a support group for caregivers, family and friends of those with Parkinson’s disease. No subject is off-limits in this forum.

10. The National Parkinson Foundation has a site specifically geared to caregivers. They help carers navigate the emotional, financial, and physical challenges they may face caring for someone with Parkinson’s.

Having resources that help keep you informed, and offer support and encouragement to patients and their loved ones is so important. These are just 10 of the hundreds of organizations out there that are available to you. You can search online or visit your local library for more.

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  1. 89% of people with Parkinson’s are at risk of losing their ability to speak and to swallow. Another PD organization that every patient and family member should know about is Parkinson Voice Project. This organization runs a speech therapy clinic that is funded entirely through donations (no patient is charged for therapy) and also trains speech-language pathologists in its two-part therapy approach through online and in-person workshops. Parkinson Voice Project also hosts free lectures presented by Parkinson’s experts on various topics. These lectures are live-streamed and then posted on the organization’s website: https://www.parkinsonvoiceproject.org/Lectures

    • binoy pm says:

      my name binoy age 46 years, suffering moderate to severe parkinsons disease, i am a doctor. now i am facing very difficult to speak particularly to speak. short shuffling gait and rigidity esp right side body. e mail [email protected]. kindly advise

  2. Doreen Nihcolas says:

    The Parkinson Voice Project in Richardson, Texas is dedicated to providing speech therapy and education to those with Parkinson’s Disease. Their mission of training Speech-Langage Patholgists across the country and their commitment to excellence equips SLP’s with the tools they need to provide the best care for their patients.

  3. Tamara Miller MEd, MS CCC- SLP says:

    Parkinson’s Voice Project is a wonderful resource with providers all over the world. SPEAK OUT!, LOUD CROWD! and SING OUT! provide initial therapy and ongoing support to help those with Parkinson’s disease preserve their voices and live with intent. Speech, voice and cognitive exercises make up the program and the workbook is provided to every patient being treated in the U.S. by a SPEAK OUT provider at no cost. They also provide training and resources to therapists at a reasonable cost. Monthly workshops are presented by leaders in the field and are available at no cost to families and patients.

  4. Jennifer Davis says:

    Parkinson Voice Project is another amazing organization for people with PD! Through their SPEAK OUT! program, they help us speak…and live WITH INTENT!!

  5. Marty Bee says:

    My son is 49 and was born hearing impaired…6 months after his dad died(my husband) Danny’s life changed with being diagnosed with Parkinson. The last few years his health has declined and meds increased and the falls….they leave him bruised and hurting and I as a mom feel like a failure. Live in a small town in Illinois so nno social life and really no support help. His eye sight is getting bad and no place to get help with glasses. I have returned to working as much as I can out of necessity and my heart breaks for what this has done to my son.

    • Robin Dix says:

      Marty, I’m so very sorry to hear about your sons struggles. Is there no Shriners or other social group that can help with his glasses? You sound alone in your struggles, have you tried connecting with others in an online forum or Facebook group for support?

  6. Shelley Adair says:

    My mother has had Parkinson’s for roughly 4 years. She’s lost about 40 pounds. It is getting progressively worse. She’s having difficulty chewing and swallowing amongst the litany of other symptoms. Is there anything that help with these symptoms?

    Very sad daughter

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