Improving Quality Of Life For People With Parkinson’s With Calibrace Back Brace

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based AbiliLife, a company dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s, is raising money with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to fund manufacture startup of its Calibrace Parkinson’s balance brace product. By supporting the campaign, contributors can improve the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s and get preferential deals on the device.

The company says the new Calibrace product is proven to improve posture, using a front-to-back tensioning system that lifts the shoulders up and back, thereby improving the wearer’s feeling of support and enabling them to keep themselves upright, and helping them to go about their day in a dignified manner.

AbiliLife cofounder and CEO Courtney Williamson says she has a personal passion for improving quality of life for neurodegenerative patients, and cofounder and CTO Noah Papas has nine years of experience at companies like Johnson and Johnson and Boston Scientific. AbiliLife Principal Engineer Britta Ulm graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with her masters in robotic systems development, and has several years experience in mechanical engineering including propulsion systems and robotics, while director of Marketing Eleanor Haglund has experience working in the cosmetics and health care industries.

Ms. Williamson started the company when she saw her mother, a Parkinson’s patient, struggling with balance and posture. When she discovered there were no products that could solve this problem, she set out to change that and help other people with Parkinson’s.

Mr. Papas engineered and tested the Calibrace, bringing his and Ms. Williamson’s vision into the world. Ms. Haglund joined the company because her grandfather has Parkinson’s, and her goal is to get the Calibrace into the hands of every person who needs it, while Ms. Ulm has been instrumental to creation of Calibrace and moving AbiliLife forward.

The Calibrace works in several ways; The front apron and stretch side panels provide circumferential stress in the torso reliving pain in the lower back. Then, the patent pending tensioning system lifts the shoulders up and back, providing support to the spine. The adjustable brace is also lightweight, breathable and discrete — able to be worn inconspicuously under clothing.


High tech, comfortable, breathable and stretchable fabrics materials make up the body of the brace, wile the aluminum spine provides support and rigidity to the brace without adding weight. The fabric components can be laundered in a home machine in cold water on the delicate cycle and air dried.

There are five Calibrace sizes, XS – XL.


Calibrace benefits:
• Improves sense of dignity
• Decreases fear of falling
• Increases comfort and feeling of support
• Can be worn discretely under clothing

AbiliLife say they want to foster awareness and community for persons with movement impairments, their caregivers, family and loved ones. While the Calibrace was designed for those with movement impairments, it can be used by anyone who has back pain or poor posture.

Calibrace Indiegogo supporters will be able to purchase the brace for themself or a loved one at a great price, as well as helping bring this product into the world and getting it onto the backs of people who need it — becoming part of the solution that will improve the quality of life for the movement impaired.

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