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      Toni Shapiro


      I have been checking old posts but have not found anything much about unconscious humming, voice noises, low groans.  I searched a number of places regarding this issue but very little that relates to me comes up so I am reaching out to our little forum community .  Do any of you ever find yourself humming and are surprised by it? Do your spouses or friends tell you that your humming is annoying?  If so when did it start?  I hum constantly and I believe I did it prior to taking any medications so I doubt it’s that. As always,  thank you for your support.

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      I hum constantly! It drives my DH nuts. I thought it was unrelated to PD, but if someone knows that it is I’d be fascinated..

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      Barbara Harris

      My husband tells me I make noises all the time and groan and hum. I don’t hear it at all. Glad to know someone else has this problem.

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      Oh, the minute someone points it out I realize I’m doing it. It’s always a song, but sometimes it’s as dumb as the ring tone on my phone.

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      Sharon Fisher

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I do it too. It annoys my grandson but i didn’t know it until he pointed it out.</p>

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      Toni Shapiro

      Hi Amy, Barbara and Sharon,

      Thanks so much for replying. Being cooped up with COVID apparently makes my humming particularly annoying to people. No escape! Maybe I should check out the caregivers forum to see if anyone has written about it there.

      I was talking to my PD counselor about it and she mentioned that my voice is strong for someone with PD. Everything else about me and PD is not good and progressing more quickly than what we thought…. but my voice is pretty strong, unless I am Off.  I also still have my smell which is excellent and unusual I think.  It left her wondering about it and she is interested in doing some research because she said that humming is one of the exercises she gives for soft spoken patients. Maybe unconscious to me I am treating my own voice. So, my question to you is…. do you have a rather strong voice?



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      Yes. I do not believe PD has affected my voice at all–in fact, I get told to pipe down all the time.

      On the other hand, my PD seems to be progressing slowly in general. Five years in, still mild and one-sided, no dopamine replacement (yet). So I can’t say it’s the humming…unless we think humming is neuroprotective? THAT would be a kick!

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      Mary Beth Skylis

      Hello everyone!

      I’m finding this idea to be rather interesting. My Dad hums quite often. But  I come from a musical family and I always assumed it was intentional. Do you hum particular tunes? Or does it seem to happen at a specific time?

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      Ha! I hum whatever I heard last–the phone ringtone, a stupid song from a stupid ad on TV, or the little tune the washing machine plays to let me know the clothes are ready. Whatever song floats into my head, I guess.

      I tend to do it when I am happy/busy… bustling around the kitchen cooking dinner for example.

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      Marlyne Wilder

      I’m always humming unconsciously. Off key, quietly, almost no discernible song. My husband usually informs me.
      I believe my humming is a sign of contentment, slowly doing an enjoyable task.
      When I was first diagnosed with PD, I don’t remember myself humming. It’s been more often recently since I’ve accepted my condition and plan to live each day in a happy mood.

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      Toni Shapiro

      It has been over a year since my July 2020 post and I am still humming.  Like Amy I hum ring tones and just about anything I hear but whatever I am humming it is constant. Like others on this post it seems like I do it when I am content in the kitchen focusing on cooking or baking.  However it seems to be comforting and makes my throat feel better I interrupt it when I make a mess or can’t make myself do what I want to do, with  loud, frustration profanities.

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