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      Allen Joseph

      Did it help with any symptom – tremor, drooling?

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      i dont know much about keto, but i believe meat is allowed.  ai am a vegetarian.  also, i am not a big fan of a lot of fat in diet. i lean towards vegan and avoid cheese, dairy and gluten as i believe they are all inflammatory which believe is not good for PD.  Its hard to say if my diet has helped my symptoms as i do so many things (yoga, exercise, walk, box) plus i take meds.   like it is with most therapies/treatments for PD, some tings work for some and not for others. 🙁

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      I wish I could remember where I read it, but it was stated that a plant-based ketogenic diet was best for PD as it is an anti-inflammatory diet. I eat this way, and find it not at all difficult to eat almost completely vegan. A good book to explore is “Ketotarian” if you are interested in a mostly plant-based diet. FWIW, there is a lot of keto hype out there right now, though, so I’d vest my resources carefully.

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        i am wary of keto diet; i think putting your body in a state of ketosis is not good.  i believe keto is a fad diet for quick weight loss vs. plant based which is a lifestyle.   I too try to follow plant based as presented by Rip Esselstyn and Forks over Knives.  I am not sure if it is helping my PD, but it is good for the planet and animal welfare.

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      Allen Joseph

      I was intrigued by the info on

      and the video interview with Bill Curtis who controls his symptoms with an intermittent keto regime.

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        Allen, thanks for sharing this.  I do believe diet and nutrition are important factors in helping our PD symptoms, especially plant based diets.  Keto is not for everyone, but, I am sure it may work for some..

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      Linda Sekura

      My friend, David, and I tried this diet when he started to show obvious symptoms. After a couple of weeks, his physical therapist noticed a difference and so did I. But he could not keep it up, since he likes sugar and bread. I read in this thread that someone is concerned about meat. We only used local, free range meat, which has the healthier animal fats that the keto diet was suggesting. We limited carbs, and heavy on the leafy greens. The keto chili was the best! The leafy greens also helped in keeping regular. Since it would have been difficult to have two separate meals to prepare, I ate the same foods. I also eat mostly raw, so it all fit well. I gave him my raw milk, which has great probiotics and more animal fats.

      I recently gave him some organic coconut oil, unrefined, since some patients say it helps with brain fog and more stable walking. Will be posting about Ubiquinol/CoQ10, and hoping to hear from others who may have tried this. I read the recent studies, and was surprised they used oxidized CoQ10 vs reduced, which is absorbed multiple times better – and also focused on improved symptoms vs halting further symptoms, which I always read was the purpose of the Ubiquinol. Maybe someone else can shed light on this. Again, will post elsewhere if I can find a chat, or start a new one, if OK.


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      Thank you for your comments Linda.   I, like David love my sugar.  I tried 6 months pure plant based diet, gluten free and no sugar.  I did not notice a difference in my symptoms.  Unfortunately sugar called to me and I fell of the wagon.  I am still a strict vegetarian, do not eat cheese or milk products and avoid gluten as much as I can.


      Please feel free free to start a new topic(s) in any of the forums.

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      Carolyn Huggett

      When I fast for 12 or more hours (preferably 18-24) I usually feel much better. I have a very strict diet of non GMO grains and organic meat in small quantities and organic vegetables and fruit. I start off feeling OK in the morning but as the day goes on with more and more meals (especially if we go out for dinner or have a larger than normal meal) I sometimes feel worse by bed time and don’t sleep well and then it all goes south the next day!! Fasting gives my digestive system a rest I think. My Chinese acupuncturist has treated me many years for my stomach and liver issues and it is definitely working. No more bloating and discomfort and my weight is steady. With the Keto diet there is a lot of fat and dairy. I have to limit dairy intake and no cream at all (fairly lactose intolerant). I have my version of the Keto diet which substitutes olive oil for butter and coconut milk or water instead of milk (I cannot have soy but that is OK too). I try not to eat meat or fish in the same meal as carbohydrates (grains). Grains and fruit and veggies are good together and meats (proteins) and veggies together too. This way my digestive system is not over worked. If you want to lose weight this is a good diet plan along with exercise. You can eat as many meals as you need if you stick top this plan.

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      Thank you for sharing, Carolyn. You mentioned that you’re working with a Chinese acupuncturist – did you start seeing them before or after your diagnosis? How does your Western medical team feel about your fasting? Curious to know more about the different approaches you’re exploring for treatment. Thanks again!

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      I’m curious that so few people are willing to even try keto, given all the (research showing its neuroprotective promise (not just for PD, but for epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, MS, stroke, etc…)

      Anyway, I am on a strict keto diet and I intermittent fast as well. (In the end it is all about controlling insulin, encouraging autophagy, and keeping your mitochondria as healthy as possible.) I have been doing this for nearly four years. I’ve had PD for five, it has not progressed, is still one-sided, and I take no dopamine replacement. Of course I can’t be certain it is the diet, because I am an experiment of one.

      You do not need to eat meat on keto–that is a myth. It is NOT high protein. It is not difficult–if you willing to cook. It’s pretty tough if you are only willing to eat processed/fast food, though.

      I wish someone else would try this, so I could compare notes!

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      Mary Beth Skylis


      Are you of the belief that your diet has slowed the Parkinsons progression?

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      Hello hello . I practice keto diet for one year now. I have remarquable improvement , more energy , less symptom ( tremor less fatigue no pain and so on) so I am able to practice intensive sport PD Warrior therapy, I take less medication than one year . It is difficult to follow this diet but the results are so good !
      Try it and if it doesn’t work find something else .
      Marie-Noelle in Geneva !

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