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      Mary Beth Skylis

      As Parkinson’s progresses, it seems like my dad’s freezing episodes are becoming more frequent and longer. He uses furniture to balance himself while he travels throughout the house. But I’m wondering if there are additional strategies we can implement to help him to manage his freezing episodes. How do you manage freezing episodes? Do you ever use a cane or walking stick?

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      Episodes of freezing can be terrifying. Walking across a threshold, through a door frame, or between large objects (ie; furniture) are common triggers. Some people (not me, unfortunately) use pocket lasers and direct the line of light to a point beyond the obstacle. Focusing on the line or endpoint distracts the brain from focusing on the nearer obstacles.  It’s worth a try. The first thing I do is to try blocking out any noise around me. I concentrate on adjusting my posture – standing upright and lengthening my back. Then I focus on lifting one knee in a marching pose. I start counting – whispered or out loud – with each step until I’ve gotten through the “blocked” area. This is a big problem for me, too, and I’ve taken more than one fall because I let my head lead my feet while walking. At my husband’s urging, I finally started using a rollator this year!




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      To move around the house, yard or garden, I use a trolley-ROLLATOR. They are very practical:

      -Adjustable in height

      – They have brakes

      – He can sit on them

      – They have a basket for things

      -they are foldable, they can go in the trunk

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      Freezing of gait is a daily challenge for me so I use a modified 5s method:


      Here’s a video I found to be helpful:

      And a “cheat sheet”:

      What I have come to realize that I have to continually think about what used to normally be routine.


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        Alan M

        RJ, your vids were choice!  Thanks for these excellent watches!

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      Gary S

      I capture a mouth full of air by puffing out my cheeks, and then release it all at once making a explosion sound as I take a step. This helps me get unstuck.

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      Alan M

      Can I pose a question to all?  For those one out of three PD peeps that developed freezing, how long after diagnosis (or self discovery) did this issue begin for you?

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        I was Dx’s with Parkinson’s 20+ yrs ago at age 49. I am now 70. It’s possible I could live for at least another  5+ yrs. Looking at the line of my PD continuum, I’d say that freezing and failure to initiate movement began interfering with my life about 13 years into the disease. It seemed to come on all of a sudden, and I took several signifant falls that broke bones.  NOTE: This is why I’ve never been a candidate for DBS surgery, which has been helpful to many with tremors. Tremors aren’t one of my dominent symptoms, and a side effect of  DBS can be freezing & slowness of gait … which one of my biggest problems!


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