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      Mary Beth Skylis

        My dad relies heavily on exercise and stretching to help him to fight the Parkinson’s back hunch. As his muscles change, it’s becoming more difficult for him to stand up straight. But staying fit and active seems to help. How do you fight the Parkinson’s back hunch? Has it gotten worse over time?

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          Mary Beth,
          <p style=”text-align: right;”>Like most things in this struggle I battle hunching with exercise . I find LSVT especially use ful. Also have you guys checked out the free Stanford Parkinson’s Outreach it has a variety of sites that are good sources for Parkinson’s specific routines.
          Blessings, Mike</p>

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          Michael Cardamone

            Mine seems worse after a walk, I walk 2-3 miles per day, but lately have experienced back pain and hunch. I also exercise everyday, body weight exercising. Pushups, pullups, dips and planks, also stretching…..seems to help a bit

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            Alan Tobey

              Here’s the VERY BEST article on how to achieve and maintain a permanently unhunched back:


              The background is this:  it’s not your feet, it’s your toes and the direction in which they apply force (forward or backward).

              We all start out with normal posture, supported by a normal and robust heel-and-toe stride.  Somewhere along the way, our system (or PD demon, perhaps) switches us to a toe-and-heel flat posture with curved back, perhaps to keep you “safer” by discouraging big steps.  Change your step and save your back!  For real!

              I got myself referred to a physical therapist who looked at my gait and said I had to step forward further to fix it — but that was 180 degrees wrong.  When I showed her the right way she was shocked  but conceded.  I ended my engagement with her on the spot.  Don’t be discouraged, but don’t think the PT advice you get is automatically right.

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