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      Click here to read about the benefits of safe and consistent exercise routines for people with Parkinson’s.

      Do you exercise regularly? Do you enjoy it and do you find it helps with your PD symptoms?

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      Shanthipriya Siva

      Yes a combination of

      endurance exercises –  walking jogging cycling boxing

      balance and flexibility-  taichi,yoga

      strengthening – weight training 3 days a week

      exercising more than 150 minutes a week delays progression

      move more more dopamine

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        Jean Mellano

        Shanthipriya Siva, I wholeheartedly agree; exercise is our best weapon for fighting this disease.

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      I go to planet fitness every other day. Strength training and arc trainer. I notice a big difference afterwards.

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      Jean Mellano

      marcus, does fatigue or lack of motivation ever interfere with you going to gym?

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      Bob Hodgson

      I have been a regular exerciser for most of my life so post diagnosis I have tried to keep my schedule the same. I consider exercise as part of my recovery process. When I lack motivation I remind myself that my exercise is my “medicine” which makes me feel better.

      I have a movement disorder which requires me to move!!

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      Sanjeev Kumar

      There are various exercises you will be introduced to when you visit any particular gym that are focused on helping you shed extra weight as well as keep fit. These exercises will include lifting of weight, exercises on the multi-gym among others. Most of these facilities have an instructor who helps you train and one of the tools of their trade is music.

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        Jean Mellano

        thank you sanjeev for your comments.  if one can find a personal trainer or physical therapist who is trained in dealing with PD patients, even better!

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      Shirley Cypher

      My husband has advanced stage PK trouble walking, talking, memory(sound familiar?) We go to MOG (Medically Oriented Gym).  Most of them are in the eastern US but we are fortunate to have the only one in Idaho in Twin Falls.  We go 3 times a week.  Joe basically has a personal trainer who has physical therapy background and the Therapy group CPR who runs the MOG has a Parkinson’s specialest.  They set up a unique routine to meet his needs.  With MOG we can go as often as we want to for a set price.  Really notice the difference if we miss a couple of times in a row.  Also bought an upright walker for when we need to walk very far like grocery store or Costco.  It seems to carry over to improved (temporary) walking around the house.

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        Jean Mellano

        shirley, a PT or trainer versed in PD patients is ideal.  exercise is so so important.  if we dont use it, we lose it 🙁

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      I have found exercise to be essential in my PK battle. I use 9zest which is an on-line series

      of routines devised by a person with PK for Patients. It is great. The Stanford Outreach for
      Parkinson’s is also a great site. I exercise on my deck. With my cats…I have also developed

      a boxing routine with my cat tree. My wife and I walk 3 miles 3-4 days a week. I also go to my Time Share workout room. Since I have worked out most of my life it is not much of a change. Especially when I read that exercise can be as important as a medication. Since I

      am retired 8 years God has given me a renewed sense of mission and common purpose.










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      Michael R. Scott

      Because of increasing COVID infections in our gym and locally, my wife and I had to quit our MWF gym routine of weight training and computerized bike cardio and core. I immediately ordered a stationary bike and universal gym and hand weights. Sadly, it appears the whole world was doing the same thing! Bottom line 60 days without my vigorous routine: time between carb-Levi shrunk and dose increased. Only now an I getting back to prior routine and reducing doses and increasing time between doses. For me, the loss of my gym had BIG TIME repercussions!!😳🙁

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      No, I don’t do exercise daily but sometimes…yes.

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      Andrew L.

      Am getting ready to try the Tom Brady exercise program (TB 12 program, ordered all the equip from Amazon). If he can do it why can’t I? Who cares if I am more than 20 years older and have PD? Certainly not him and not me either.  So far today I did boxing and Chloe Ting (on you tube) abs. She has many other great workouts as well, just need some free weights. Now am going for a bike ride (lucky to live in Fl). I have stationary bike and treadmill in my house. Enjoy doing Yoga with Adrienne on you tube at night.  I hurt all the time, that plus insomnia are  my worst symptoms, am planning on pushing through for as long as I am upright and able as TINA (there is no alternative.) Every time I exercise I view it as a big f/u to PD and all it entails.

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