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      Mary Beth Skylis

        Parkinson’s can be really overwhelming. As your body changes, the support you need may change, too. Right now, my dad predominantly relies on my mom to support him through his Parkinson’s journey. But I wonder if there will be a time when we need to hire outside help. Do you rely on outside help? If so, how frequently? If not, would you be open to it in the future?

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        Theresa Hupp

          I’ve hired in-home help for 12 hours/week. Mostly so that I can count on being able to get to certain meetings and activities I have each week. But also because it’s nice not to have to think about PD for a few hours at a time.

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              Thanks for sharing, Theresa. I think you hit on a really important and often overlooked point – PD as a mental burden, not just a physical one. I think at times relieving that mental load, even if it’s only for a short time, can be even more helpful than getting help with physical tasks.

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            Marjorie Weiss

              I’m interested in finding out from others how they locate the outside help and resources that can assist them. From conversations with other caregivers I am not certain that we know where to begin.

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                Theresa Hupp

                  I started by looking for in-home care agencies with offices near my house. From experience with other similar organizations, I have found it’s helpful to have the managers nearby — they staff people closer to you, they are more available if something needs addressing, you can pop in the office on occasion if need be.

                  Then I interviewed the managers. I went with the agency that sounded the most professional. I can’t guarantee it’s the best group, but I related to them best. So far, so good.

                  If you have long-term care insurance, or if you have a social worker or physical/occupational therapist or other medical professional you’re working with, you could get recommendations from them of good in-home care agencies in your area.

                  If you’re hiring an individual, you’ll want recommendations from others who have used them.

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                fakhiuddin ahmed

                  My wife, with PD, and I live in a senior care facility that provides meals as well living accommodations. Her major symptoms are fatigue, slurred speech, periodic cognitive problems. We have help coming 3 times a week for 4 hours to help her bathing, getting dressed and taking her to her classes. So far this has worked to some degree. I had difficulty in getting help and got her through our daughter.

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                  Beth Ann Chambers

                    Hi Mary Beth,

                    Thank you for bringing this topic tonight I am very interested in trying to find out about how to get outside help because I’m a sole caregiver for my mom since 2014 when she was diagnosed. And I was diagnosed in November 2020 with Parkinson’s and I didn’t see that coming. Any suggestions for support or how to find someone to hire would be greatly appreciated.

                    Beth Ann

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